Universal Sorcery 3 (by inkle)

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    So . Entertainment.

    Acquire a mirror suitable for casting KIN and use it if you encounter the Despair snake.

    Hot snake-on-snake action. How did they sneak this one past the ratings people?


    Brian P.
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    6 Day NBAS "not possible?"

    Using the Fast Travel glitch, I've finished a NBAS run in 6 days BUT at the end it says I "may get in undetected" and the merchant worries that someone is using the Beacons. Then carrying over to 4, I don't get the NBAS opening.

    Something similar happened to my previous playthrough, I started over, but took longer playing.

    I _think_ the game just puts you into a All Serpents At Least One Beacon ending if you are too fast; since it isn't possible without glitching. I'm at work now, I will test this tonight.

    Edit: Nope, that wasn't it. I didn't activate BEACONS but I screwed around with the blue crystal in the past of the serpent pit and the ruined hill, maybe that did it. Guess I'll try again.
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    I can top that. In Sorcery 4, use the monarch oil on yourself when the Lynch Bug is approaching you. It will...interact with you.
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    Touching any crystal will invalidate NBAS, including the one at the statue's foot on the Xamen Road.
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    You should be able to focus that beacon on the entire bridge and climb up at the western pillar. When you pass under it you can look up and see the handholds, which will give you the choice to climb.

    You have missed a lot by not activating the beacons in the first and second areas, though, because in addition to restoring the past,
    touching the gem will allow you to teleport between them and revisit areas you can't otherwise get back to.
    You can
    climb the first beacon using the gripweed, and focus it on the bridge to cross easily into the second area.
    Then investigate the rubble
    to find a blue gem, teleport back to the first beacon, then refocus it on the rubble and teleport to the restored beacon.

    I recommend trying to get to the end at least once on your own, but afterward check out this guide. There's a very comprehensive Google Doc as well.
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    If you refuse to draw your sword at the woman at all and tell Ca-Oth you're not sacrificing anyone, it states you defied his will in the ending summary. Considering getting his blessing has you worried in 4 that you even considered it, this is interesting.
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    Is this playable without me having to buy the other games? And is it fairly long (good game time)?

    I saw it's on sale for 99 cents and thought I might pick it up. I got Road Not Taken and was extremely disappointed so I'm hoping this one isn't the same. I saw some bad reviews explained how the game was aimless and hard to figure out. Most of the good reviews were players of the previous games so it was hard to find any review from someone who only played this installment. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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    Check here for play time https://howlongtobeat.com/game.php?id=30627

    As for being playable without the other games, yes it is but it's 3/4 of the way through a continuing story.

    Saying the game is aimless sounds like an opinion on the story which personally I think is wrong.

    I'm not sure how someone can say Sorcery! is hard to figure out but it might be best for you to google a gameplay video and decide for yourself.
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    Me to!! Earth serpent help plz

    Passed up earth serpent the first time. Now no matter what I try theres no option to encounter. Just hump down the fissure and that sure doesnt work. Help plz?! Dont want to rewind... Too far back.
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    NBAS Run Walkthrough Part 1

    NBAS. I went through the goblin caves in 1 and got the locket, and followed the IGN walkthrough for 2. Except I cast SAP to have Vangorn commit suicide, I purposely slept in the Market after searching the Council Chamber with Flanker so I could rescue Tomas, and I used the Glue I stole from the chainmaker to fix the Gold Mirror in Lorag's backyard.)

    Use the Fast Travel trick. (Clicking once quickly between locations can make only one "circle" appear, making a lot less time to pass. It takes practice.)

    There's Yellow Moss here and there. Save it for meals, once a day; or if you need healing.

    Save Spam: If you have Steam, you can find where they save games and mess with it. For me it's C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Local\inkle\Sorcery They save your last 5 actions, including fights, swindlestones, dialogue trees, and missing the Winds of Time. Of course, Ctr-S and Ctr-O creates saves as well.

    Winds of Time: We're not using the Beacons for time travel, we're using those random "air currents" that float around the screen. There are some places they just don't go; Bria or the Bridge Toll for example. Do not shout Shadrack's name at Fishtail rock, as this will move some of the currents away from where we want to go. It can be a pain in the butt to wait for the Winds of Time is some places, so if you're using Steam, open theprogram more than once. Up to six times, go as many as you can pay attention to, the winds will generate different for each screen.

    DO NOT mess with Blue Crystals, even if they're not in a Beacon, it ruins the NBAS run!

    Begin Walkthrough

    Cast YAP to know the birds are asses. Cast LAW, command them to attack each other. Consider the Eyrie. Bow to the Eagle. For an amusing alternate

    event, you can cast LAW and have them carry you to Mampang. Cast either DOZ on yourself or fAL when they drop you.

    Sleep before jumping off the cliff, daytime cast Fall, jump, grab a shrub, enter the cave. Try to move the rocks before casting BIG to find an item.

    Cast BIG, move the rocks, wait, go south, look around. Go north, Cast FAL again and jump out.

    Go to the tree on the hill, in the middle, look at the tree, get the ladder.

    Southeast of the area. If you want to screw around with the Rock Demon, wait, get pebble. Cast TEL, look for the creature. Climb or Cling on. Look up.

    Cast RAZ and then WOK to learn their counterspells. Don't worry if it doesn't show up, when you learn about them officially later they will. Cast KIN and stay and watch, dodge left, keep watching to get the Rock Demon Tooth. (I think the Rock Demon is the strongest enemy you can fight in the game if you just attack it)

    Go east, cast HOW to find out there's a tunnel that you can't go down. (But you can go UP), look around, look up when you hear wings. Cast RAP, ask where are the serpents for a clue. Fight the Harpy.

    Go west and north. If it's nighttime, you can get some pebbles in Shadrack's cave at night. (Since this is NBAS, don't shout his name)

    NW Go to the broken bridge. Look around, run from the bug, cast Law, ride the bug, go into the crevice, don't attack anything and just listen and bow.

    Back at the Bridge, go SW, cast GOB or SUS to look in hole, get Giant Tooth. Go back to bridge, cast DOZ on yourself and jump. Something, something,

    slow-motion magic inertia means you can make the jump. Or ZIP if you have the Green Ring from New Game+.

    After you make the jump, keep casting FOF until you are 6 HP or less. (This will make the Dark Elf caravan prices cost less.) Go to the Dark Elf

    Caravan NE of here. Raise your hands, call out, say "I have items to sell." Don't say you have a lot of money, but that you are willing to buy stuff.)

    Go to the fire, play swindlestones, tell Dark Elf don't be a sore loser. If you want to kill them later for gold and dice, tell the joke about the

    goblin casting the spell. if you want to be nice, tell the joke about the goblin wedding. (If you want to be mean, don't tell any jokes yet) Go to the

    Merchant. Say you're starving. If HP 6 or less, it will lower costs. Buy scrap of paper. Ask all questions, buy paper, have merchant translate, ask if that's all there is, complain it's not worth it for a discount. Buy Book, read it, close the book, buy it. Buy magic items. Pick up the crystal orb but then put it down (you'll get one after killing the Moon Serpent) merchant will offer pendulum. Buy it. Buy galehorn. Buy Ring, pocket ring, make a distraction, help merchant, make a distraction, buy ring. Buy weapons armor. Buy axe. Take it for free. Cast YAZ. Steal Armor. Steal Vials. Leave.
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    NBAS Run Walkthrough Part 2

    Now you can either leave the caravan if you're nice, or if you go to the fire and keep telling bad jokes, fight dark elves, loot bodies for dice and 10 gold. Cast ZAP on Caravans to get away, ZOB if you have a rock demon tooth to kill them all, YOB to summon a giant (you can choose to spare or kill them) or GAK (with the black facemask) after you get captured. ZIP if you have the Green Ring (from New Game+) Courga is fine with this.

    Go west, eat the moss if you need a meal or healing.

    Go west to the centaurs. Do you want to kill the centaurs or make peace with them? Peace, Hail Them, Greetings, I am on a Mission, I am on my way to Mampang, you have spoken to the Serpents, perhaps we can help each other, I will cast a Luck Spell, ask about the Serpents, What are the Serpents, Do you know their weaknesses, but you have heard something, enough talking, cast LUK.
    If you want to kill them, hail them, greetings, my purpose is my own, what about serpents?, "You have spoken to the Serpents?, Perhaps we can help each other, I will cast a Luck Spell, tell me of the Serpents, What are the Serpents, Do you know their weaknesses, but you have heard something, enough talking, cast LUK. Now they'll attack you. Kill them, and threaten the third to get gold, sand, and a Sun Stone. (And Courga is fine with this.) Both ways will give you credit for casting the LUK spell at the end of Sorcery 4.

    Go to serpent pit. Cast TEL to know this dude works for serpents, take the skullcap off, cast JIG, say he can try, cast Dum. (this will teach you the

    Dum-Jig counterspell, even if it doesn't say) Ask about snakes, I am headed to Mampang, The Fortress of Sorcerers?, offer to trade, fight the serpents, fight the snake charmer, search the body, get the holy water.

    Step away from the Snakecharmer pit, wait for Winds of Time, go back. Talk to Svinn, ask him who he is, (You can have show him the silver chain if you got it in S2), keep talking, don't cut the bamboo. Look around, get the Gourd. Do not mess with the other box, it has a blue crystal, touching it messes up the NBAS run.

    Go to the NE and "something will approach very fast. Wait and watch, hail it, Say she's the Sorceress Dinasta. (Technically you learn this from the Dark

    Elf merchant, but he never said her name) Ask if this is her true form, I was told to find you! (by Shinva in S2), I seek the Crown of Kings, I wish to restore the Crown to Analand, What should I do?, tell me of the Sleepless Ram, any guess here, I've heard of tunnels, Where can I find the Seven Serpents? Wave her on, Something you need to give me? Wait, stop. The Staff. Get the staff of oak sapling.

    If you sleep in the NE area around here, the Fire Serpent will attack you. Cast SSS if you have a Serpent Ring, ask about advice and Mampang or the Stone Ram (always SSS this, we already know their locations and weaknesses). Cast ZOB if possible for one-shot, or throw sand for a relatively easy fight.

    You've killed the Fire Serpent. (1)

    You may also discover a dwarf. He's from two months in the future. Vik apparently permanently opened the North Gate, but now he's lost in time and space like everyone else. He'll share food with you, if you have dice (From the cave or killing the dark elves) you can bet a meal. You can also steal his
    food, Later at the same spot you'll find the bag without the dwarf, swarming with maggots. If you have something flamable, you can get shoo them away for one meal of cheese. I haven't discovered any permanent bad results for this, except for burping up a maggot once when sleeping. Role-play wise, you may not want to do this.

    Go to southwest of the bridge, stop and listen, if you cast SUS, it will tell you this is not a threat, when the "Deathwraith" appears, cast dIM, this will teach the dIM-KID counterspell combo, what is the meaning of this? How did you learn this illusion? Where is this woman now? Threaten him. And yet

    you tried to trick me? Take the disc and powder. Tell me how you conjured the Deathwraith. Where did you learn? A Sorcerer? (yeah, this guy is scum),

    Do you live out here in the Baklands? What do you know of the Seven Serpents? What can you tell me about them? Have you seen them? You're lying to me. Now, he'll either die of fright if the Moon Serpent is still alive, or run away. You can't catch him.

    Go NE to Moon Serpent. Cast SSS. Use fire or ZOB to kill him, get Crystal Ball. (2). Don't jump off bridge, go NE of general area, use wind of time

    to go to village. Go to fire, look at fire, get sand, (do not get a pebble) take one bite, ask around, go to kitchen, ask about food, get oil, ask about tunnels, go to tunnels. Either burn spellbook or Fire of Danger. Don't mess with the supports, at the intersection go into the big room. Read the mural, keep reading, go towards the glow, pick up sand, examine artifact, take the horn, yank it, look at the horn, cover your head, get up, look around for something to use, threaten with pick axe, smash the horn, run, squeeze against the wall, look around, pick up feather, follow the tunnel, look at crystal, pick up crystal (only there if you didn't kill the Rock Demon, or if you cast ZOB already. using up the previous tooth)

    Mess around in the swamp using the winds of time (several times) Get the scroll from the goblins, cast BIG to walk through the swamp, lift up the arm, search the body to get an item, wander the swamp to get another item. Avoid the forest for now, you want the option to climb a tree later. Go to

    Fenestra's hill to the east. Enter, no need for sword, cast TEL to learn a counterspell, tell her about Serpents, don't be a jerk, give her the Goblin's scroll. When given a choice, ask about her crystal ball. Flanker? Ask why she doesn't kill the Sun Serpent, cast SSS, take the ball. Say nothing. Be confident, say you'll succeed. (3) Go south, it must be daylight to cut out Alizzi's house. (Cut it open during day, and you can come back at night)

    Magic sword cuts door out no damage, non-magic is blunted. Look around, get the holy water. Leave, go south to the fallen tree. Climb and rest, watch your pack, cast ZAP, attack to insta-kill the invisible creature (Snatticat), get its teeth. Pass the lake, fill the gourd if it isn't,

    go to broken bridge, climb, talk to Flanker, don't attack him, (if you just have the legendary sword and the analander sword, you can go to the Klattaman village to get a longsword from the craftsman. Legendary is better, but free sword) go back to Aliizi's house, get sword back, wait till night if needed, and then sleep. Talk to Aliizi, have her follow you, do NOT steal from Fenestra. Go south.

    Forest encounter: TEL or YAP on a Bear, you learn it wants food; but it will still be there if you return. Snattacats, watch and listen, right before they attack, cast GAK and you'll instakill one, but you won't get its teeth. (Only a straight fight gets, but you can cast FOF to make defense perfect.)
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    NBAS Run Walkthrough Part 3

    Go to Klattaman village. Just push through the guards, they don't do anything. Go to workman hut, have him look at your pack, you might get something

    (not always), try to steal something, tell him to let you go, cast GAK, you might get something, not always. If nighttime, go to fire, repeat gestures twice, eat, cast LAW on the champion to attack himself, go to chief hut for blessing for +1 max hp (you don't have to do this, TAR Tower in Sorcery 4 buffs you stronger the lower your max hp is)

    Go west, smell flowers once for a heal, go to pole, listen, call out, ask to learn. If you don't have a Jewelled Talisman, priest will drop one. Cast

    HUF, don't stop, to learn counterspell. ZEN up and talk to priest, offer gourd, he will bless the water. Ask questions, bird will attack, nothing you can do, get the talisman back. If you have not fought the Fire Serpent, cast ZEN, sit on the pole, and wait. Bird will grab you, and drop you where the Serpent is in the forest, follow it, and when it climbs the tree, wait 4 times to avoid its trap, when it talks to you, cast SSS, pull out sand, climb the tree, throw the sand, use a second helping of sand to kill it without a fight.

    If you sleep at the pole, you'll get attacked by Klattamen. Dodge Left. Cast gOD (they have a jewel of gold, so it works even if you don't have one) or

    KID (pretend to be a Rock Demon) to get their stuff without a fight, or fight them, sand and a jewel of gold. gOD only get the jewel of gold, KID rock demon gets both.
    Go SE towards the Stonehenge thing, on the way, you'll find a skull in the grass. If you have holy water in your gourd, drink it from the rations screen for healing. Keep digging, and you'll get a body, search it for a whistle. If your gourd is empty, filling it here fills it with holy water.

    Go S to the ring, talk to to the 7 Spirits. Do NOT demand they show their true forms. They'll teach you a chant. Ask to learn it, then YOU MUST CAST MAG HERE or you won't be able to rewind before this point. Speak the Chant, which will deny the power of Libra and Time. But if you have mAG activated, this only affects the Serpent of Time. Look up, cast FIX or JIG, command the serpent to come before you and kill it. (4)

    Leave, then come back with the Winds of Time. Wait until night, look at the sky, then sleep. Cast TUF. If you keep holding on to the feather, it will add 3 max hp. Again, you may not want to do this because of the TAR Tower in Sorcery 4, but even if you drop the feather you still get credit for casting the secret spell. If you want to, you can go back to the forest and take the lower left path. Forage, and in a tree there's another yellow feather. Only the cave feather can do the first TUF spell, but after casting it once with the proper feather, you can cast it again with the second yellow feather.

    Go west to the ruined temple, search outside, find the hidden cellar. Talk to the priest, look around, get an item. Cast FOF and then let him hug you.

    He'll run out. If you took everything nailed down before freeing him, you'll be paranoid, you can either shout or cast FIX on the trapdoor. Go up and say you don't need a reward for healing. Go to the well. Look at the bucket, lower it twice, raise it, look into it, and fight a normal serpent. If you have a second sword and don't mind dulling your original blade, lower the bucket, cast fAL, climb down, use your original Analand blade to dig the jewels out ONCE, climb out, look in the bucket. OR, cast SUN, put the sunstone in the bucket, lower the bucket, cast POP, throw the pebble into the well, lift the bucket, look in the bucket to get the jewels.

    Go west. You may run into the Storm. This is the Air Serpent, don't kill him (if you don't mind losing items, tough it out and he'll reveal himself, cast SSS, ask for his weakness, look around, and destroy the leaf) to kill him. Don't do it, though, because we want him to be the Ferryman later. Look for shelter, pray or hold onto your stuff. Go to the mountains, cast ZEN. Look around, fight the Harpy. Cast RAP for clues, KIN for an instant kill.

    Go west, go north to the Grave. Cast SOB for a SPOILER. It probably won't even make sense until you've played 4 and NG+ and done...stuff. Cast RES, pour it into the tube and leave. Watch, don't attack. Help her up, cast TEL. Just backstory questions here, nothing too important. I like "You were buried, who is your master, I seek the Archmage, You told this to the archmage? How did he kill you? What else can you tell me?" Search the body for a Green Metal Ring if you don't have one.
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    NBAS Run Walkthrough Part 4 and final

    In the next bit,consider not pulling the sword out at all, your character is worried they even considered it in 4. Ca-oth's blessing isn't that important, and he's a jerk.
    Now we have to make the circuit one more time. Do anything you missed the first time. In the far NW corner, use the winds of time to talk to the woman and pray to the statue. When the god Ca-Oth tells you to kill the woman, pull out your sword, DO NOT KILL HER then sheath the sword, tell her you though you saw a bat, and accuse Ca-Oth of lying. He'll laugh and bless you. (This increases 1 max hp, but it also shows in your character description.) I like doing this during the second circuit because I can tell him that I killed the Time Serpent when he says it will kill me, smug git.) The game will acknowledge that you defied Ca-oth if you refuse to play his game; and you won't worry in your sleep that you even considered being a murderer in part 4.

    You'll have to jump off the bridge where the Moon Serpent was this time, since your actions caused the cave to collapse. Just be sure to keep your balance. Be sure to climb a tree in the forest to get a jewel of gold and a beard from the Pole Priest. I like to cast TEL at the lake in the forest and go into the beacon tower just enough to officially learn the SSS spell, then leave. Do NOT mess with the beacon itself.

    Back at the SE plains, go near the beacon. Use the Winds of Time to enter the beacon. This part is tricky! You cannot trigger the Winds of Time by resetting time while inside the present day beacon, you must walk into the beacon while the winds of time are over it. This can take 20-40 minutes because the winds rarely ever go there. (and they never will if you talked to Shadrack). 2 real world days later, you're in. Cast YAP on the
    growling, and get out of the dog's way, it just wants to get out of the tower. Search for 3 gold coins if you want. Go up, DO NOT MESS WITH THE BEACON.

    Point of no return here, you can't go back after this. Cast ZIP.

    You are now on top of the mountain, losing HP rapidly. Search for a mountain, and dink around until you have the option to jump. On your way down, eat all your food until your HP is full, because unless it's cooked (or uncooked) meat, it will be ruined, as will all paper (other than spellbooks) You will also have to drop your Rock Demon Tooth, if you have one.

    The next part is a bit complicated, because I like transferring the Rock Demon tooth to the 4th game. (you can get another coming up soon.) But if you have a boat, it can get lost or stolen if you leave it. It's guaranteed nott o be stolen if you haven't killed the Ferryman, though. Some folks have said this is random, but it hasn't been for me. So the next advice is also good if you're playing Merciless No Rewind Mode in new game+.

    Each swim move takes 1 hp, hope you have Courga to heal up.

    Once you hit the water, go right and then up, and right and do not go to any island until you get to the Northeast Island. Go there, talk to the Sightmaster Sergeant, DO NOT FREE HIM. (This interaction has a result in Sorcery 4).

    Encounters of the lake, Water Serpent. It will have bubbles, cast ZEN to avoid early attacks and look down. Cast SSS. You can use oil or the Sun Serpent Orb, I like using the Orb for Drama. Throw it in, wait, attack. If you do this, it will instantly kill the Water Serpent, and then you fight a weakened Sun Serpent. Another group of bubbles heal, but intoxicate you, if you smell them more than once, while swimming, you die. Also there's a fish encounter. Watch them, eat one, If you just kill them, you can get some rations you need to cook; if you cast YAP, you get a weird singing spam, (which you can listen to indefinitely, but they leave if you stop) but if you cast ZAP, you get 2 "grilled" rations; edible immediately.

    Swim to the north shore. At night, with Winds of Time, you can look across the Lake and get the counterspells for 3 spells, after this a giant fish attacks. Wait once, then cast ZAP. You cut out two cooked meals. Ignore the Winds of Time stalls for now.

    Go Northwest towards the bridge. There is a fissure. Rest, Stay Still, Cast FOF, You'll be knocked into a crater. Look around, look up then cast ZIP or ZEN to get out. Dodge Left of the fissure, there's a snake on your leg. Run it through, it's the Earth Serpent. Cast SSS (at this point, we're out of general advice or Mampang info. I like to ask about weaknesses and other serpents just to fill out clues, then cast Huf. Strangle it. It's dead. (6) Get the rock dust.

    Go NE towards Tinpang. Avoid the Winds of Time, you will fight a Roachpig, cast JIG and dance it to death for food you'll need to cook. On the way back use the winds of time; there's a little girl who can see the time changes, if you went through earlier without Winds you can tell her you've seen the changes too. I'm pretty sure that this is Aliizi. Don't eat the moss at the entrance, this is green, not yellow.

    In Tinpang, go SE to the Low City in the present cast HOT in the alley firepit to get a Jewel of Gold. Go to the High City present time, search closely, and enter the building. You can find 3 Snattacat Teeth. Go "Further On" and you will a giant finger. Dig it out, unbury the arm, keep working, draw my sword, watch the Giant, Look around the room, look more closely, move his arms, watch him. This breaks his spell, and Courga is happy with you, healing you. Talk to the man, don't ask about Serpents or tell him about the ruined city.

    Follow him, and you'll talk to a woman, Greetings, Can I carry that for you, Where do you work? will reveal the factory, but only in Winds of Time. At this point, it needs to be day. If it's night, sleep in an alley to fight a Firefox. Cast NIF to make it go away, fight for a firefox tooth. (You can sell for 2 gold at the dentist, I haven't found any use for them in 4.)

    If it's daytime, use Winds of Time to go to the Smoking Building. Go inside, say yes, Follow him inside, ask what they're doing, search the contraption, get the powder, leave. Use winds of time to go outside and look back to learn more about what they're doing.

    Go back to the building you got the Snattacat Teeth from. You can sell one of YOUR teeth for 30 gold, haggle. Sell your snattacat teeth, haggle for 10 gold each, sell 3. Sell 3 Ape teeth for 60 for all three (I got them way back in Sorcery 1 from the first town), do NOT haggle. Buy a Rock Demon Tooth.

    Bug, after you finish, if you buy again, you can get the rock demon tooth a second time. It doesn't put two in your inventory, but it does lower your HP by 2 again. I haven't experimented with this. After this, you can go back to the building in present day and get your tooth back as an inventory item, but you cannot sell it again.

    Go back to the shore, optional, if you have more cast than you know what to do with, buy some blimberry and holy water at the potion stand. (You can only shop here once.) Make sure you have over 40 gold if you want to buy the Magic Spear in 4. Don't worry about food, blimberry is superior anyways. I had 101 gold after finishing here.

    Then leave, go back present day to the shore. Walk down the shore, get sand. Blow the whistle. It's the Ferryman, the Air Serpent in Disguise. He'll charge you, say that's too much and cast gOD to avoid the toll.

    You'll have enough time for him to ferry you to the central island (If you need healing, Winds of Time to the hut on the island, ask about the lady's

    potions, have her take out goblin hair, add more bugs, eat leaves, then go back to beach and go back) and change worship to Y'Bran, if you want to.

    (Clean altar, make offering, "I do" "I do" "I do" Promise to offer, break the promise, offer the broken promise) Y'Bran doesn't heal much, but he's less concerned about honor than Courga. There's also three special events he can do in 4. The ferryman will pick you up again if you blow the whistle.

    The Ferryman will "faint", when gas starts coming out, cast SSS, then cast HUF. You've killed the last Serpent. (7)

    Experimenting, I discovered I can risk going to the SE Island with the tower. Explore the forest, cast ZEN, float around, get honeycomb and wax from the beehive. Cast HOW, go to the tower. Enter, duck, cast dOC to learn counterspell. Examine the engravings 3 times, examine the grimalkin, leave.

    Head towards the exit at the southern end of the lake. Cast Zen to get on shore. Do not mess with the blue crystal. Get the Assassin Sword if you didn't fight Flanker. If you did the NBAS right, the man walking the path won't talk to you, otherwise he'll say the Beacons are destroying everything.
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    I have got credit for 5/5 hidden spells without ever having cast LUK. I thought they were SOB, ZOB, SSS, PUR, and TOP.
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    looks fun to me! I will try playing it.
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    Yeah, LUK does not count. I cast all of the above except SOB and only got credit for 4/5.
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    The final secret of Sorcery! 3 is revealed!

    Aliizi is Bria. But how does this make sense? In the original game it was already contradictory. Her skeleton said that the Archmage killed her for her prophecy, whereas in the Ancient World, she is retired and just lurking on the mountain top and intends to die of old age. Furthermore, events in Sorcery! 4 surely change both timelines. It's possible if you defeat the Archmage with her assistance and wear the crown and spare the Archmage's life that she becomes your prophet. But when you SOB over her grave, she goes on to say that she went back to Mampang in the Ancient World and carried out the events of the original timeline. How would that work if she becomes the player character's prophet?

    Finally and most importantly, in the NPC encounter with Bria on the mountain top she attempts to petrify the player character with the ROK spell if they ask her to teach them about counterspells. Many of my successful player characters, definitely all the Jackals and the Rat as well, demand revenge! Where is the option to zap her when she is a little girl or a young woman and less proficient in magic? This was not my idea, but plenty of my player characters who succeeded are sick, sick people and they do make demands like this.

    For the record, I have had much better player characters who also succeeded. However, there was only one who was pure good... not only did she maintain Gorilla throughout, but she refused point blank ever to steal, or even to kill any hostile animal if she could possibly avoid it. In the trip through the hills, she only killed the manticore in the boss battle and on her trip through Khare, only the harpies (unless you also count the bronze automaton and death wraith as kills, which I don't). Of course, to save Khare, she had to kill the goblin horde directly. It's weird how the game never mentions that, but blames the player character if Khare falls as if they had actually destroyed the cityport by themself.

    The meeting with Aliizi worked better for this character. For the only time in her quest, she found a friend. Flanker doesn't count, he just has Stockholm Syndrome.
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    If I don't kill all 7 serpents, what's the implication for the next part of the adventure (crown of kings)?

    I've got 5 out of 7 but I'm at the end now so don't know whether I should be starting over. If I rock up in part 4 having not killed them all, can I still win?
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    There's some formula regarding number of days spent and how many serpents you killed. (and if you used Beacons)

    You can still beat the 4th game regardless, but any Serpent you didn't kill will be somewhere in Game 4, and it's harder to sneak around if the Archmage knows you are coming.
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    Sorry for an ancient thread bump. Has anyone gone through KarmaOverDogma’s excellent walkthrough in post 485? It’s extremely detailed, which is awesome, but when I get to this step:

    Cast HOT
    9/20 139 22 Toss the fireball at the Darkvines
    9/20 139 22 Open the trapdoor

    ....but by the time I get to this step it just turned nighttime so the vines aren’t out.

    I know that the original author of the walkthrough said timing was very important and made sure to say that utilizing the “fast travel” bug was required. But I’ve been doing that....leaving only one yellow circle during each travel event....and it’s still nighttime by the time I get to the tower with the vines.

    Just curious mostly if someone has made it all the way through the game using that particular walkthrough and curious if anyone else ran into similar problems.

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