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    Yes, there is at least one significant addition to Sorcery 2 in New Game Plus which involves an item you can pick up in Sorcery 1 New Game Plus:

    With the green ring from the Goblin Caves you can now cast ZIP from the ruined house in the Fallen Quarter to teleport over to the Gardens of Briar. If you've been following the story you'll find a clue here to the biggest secret in New Game Plus, which plays out during Sorcery 3
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    I read that you can use
    the jeweled medallion
    to get off the ship, though I haven't confirmed this myself.
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    Destroy temple of Slangg?

    Doing some data mining of save files, (what, don't look at me like that) and one of the flags for 2,3,4 is whether you destroyed the Temple of Slangg. ....has anyone done this? How? Does Courga disapprove?
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    What, what? What's the secret?
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    It's the one hinted at in Inkle's blog.

    It has also been discussed several times in the S4 thread, most recently here.
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    Secret in Temple of Slang

    To do this, you will need Sirisi's answer.

    I did it with high "honour" and The Gorilla. You _must_ not be in cooldown for prayers. Use Sirisi's answer and then wish to be the stronger than anyone ever. You will start to turn to stone. There is the option to Pray for Aid.

    "You quickly mouth a prayer to the Gorilla. Will it hear you, even in this shrine to another God?
    Someone in the crowd points and shouts. 'Look!'

    He's right --- you feel the coldness in your legs receeding and that's not all! Suddenly there is a colossal rumbling from the ceiling. One of the cornerstones of the shrine roof give way! People begin to cry and shout, and race for the exit. The Priest looks about in confusion, then down at you. He backs aways. 'You are powerful,' He murmurs. Then he too has run for it, as the ceiling begins to crack and crumble!"
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    It has been a long time since you asked this, but for anyone else wondering it's
    DOC>Throw the potion at the creature>Cured you, but of what?>What disease?>How will you return?>You should burn that cloak
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    Cheat Walkthrough 1

    Welcome to the Cheat Full Story Walkthrough. Why do I cheat? I've beaten the game normally, whether you believe me or not, but I like seeing all variations of the game in one playthrough. The Sorcery series specifically requires one to play multiple times to know exactly what's going on with Lorag, Sansas, the Goblins, Aliisi, the Baklands, the Beacons, the Archmage, etc.

    This is not a guide in what order you can do do things; or the maximum. Merely all things things that can be done, naturally without cheating most choices result in you not being able to do others.

    I save spam Steam. My Steam Save folder is at C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Local\inkle\Sorcery, you can also CTR-S and CTR-O, but be sure to title the saves with the suffix .json.

    Steam saves the last 5 actions you make. Including combat, swindlestones, and dialogue. I'll do stuff because I can, because it's interesting, and I'll teleport. If you edit a SAVE file made from CTR-S, at the very beginning it will give a "WayPointIndex" number, that's basically location, you can change it to previous locations, but only if there's a Flag opened that you can move it to. Then CTR-O that file to go there. The flag numbers change with each playthrough.. This can "teleport" you back in time if done right, but unlike rewind, keep the flags and inventory. A lot of inventory items in the file require TRUE or FALSE. You can insert a letter to change TRUE to FALSE, it doesn't ruin the save.

    I will often say "Save my waypoint" which basically means hexediting a JSON SAVE file, and writing down the Waypoint value at the top. It's like a page number, it ticks up each page of the game you go. Unlike books, though, the page numbers aren't the same depending on my actions. When I "restore" a savepoint, I hexedit the JSON SAVE file, and put in the number of the location I want to go to. It's best to do this after all actions are done in an area and there are flags to go to. There's exceptions, but you usually can't do the same event twice,

    If interested, my Cloud password is MYCEGA, this is a New Game Plus +3 Merciless Run. We're going to be playing a "virtuous" run, but if I can figure out a way to make an evil person attack me so I'm defending myself, I'm not opposed to this. I'm not opposed to stealing if it's interesting.

    Opening game, playing Merciless. Fast Travel trick isn't necessary because its different in the first two games. This game has ALL items from Sorcery 1.

    Start of the game. Talk to the beggar. Tomas was a soldier that Khare sent out to check out the Goblins doing shady stuff in the rocks. Greetings, I'm on a quest, the Crown of Kings, who are you? His name is Tomas I won't fight you. Fight him. 0.1 whittle him. Certain enemies often start constantly blocking. If you block fully or attack fully, they'll get out of this. 0.1 Attack power counts as "blocking", but will damage someone at 0.0 by 1 hp. You can usually get them down to 1 hp before they go all out.

    Help him up, give him something to eat. Come with me. What's your name? Ask him what he's doing out here. Sightings? Goblins in the rocks? Flanker said something about that. Goblins, Interesting. What are the Goblins doing? I will be leaving. Climb Uphill. Ask the Tomas's advice. Go to door. The Svinn Key unlocks the door, but then you lose it. I like keeping EVERYTHING. So I DOP the door. Tomas knows I can cast magic now. Check it out, say it's safe, Tomas runs away.

    Duck behind the building. Look into the building, duck behind it, look in window, try the door, go inside. The prisoner is a one-armed old man, former magician, former member of Glandragor and Vik's adventure party. Greet prisoner, cast a spell (it opens dialogue in Swindlestones). Ask about Swindlestones. Play. Beat him 3-4 times to clean him out, but try to get clues too. He'll talk about the North Gate, the lines to open it, the First Noble, Lorag, and Vik. Try to ask important clue early in the game, so you can lead the thread on. They lock the North Door of the city with Magic. The First Noble knows all 4 lines, Nobles 2-5 know one of each of the others. One of the nobles is named Lorag and he is a scholar, one of the nobles is a beggar; Vik and Glandagor used to be adventurers together. (we knew that because we met Glandagor in S1)

    Go to the door, cast DOP (or ZIP if you don't want to free the old guy and be an ass), and leave. Head south to the inn. Hear the howl. Enter. The innkeeper is a sarcastic dude who is loyal to the current government of Khare, a council lead by first Council Member Sansas; and the guard. He's possibly the only one. This guy has no food, no info. Just rooms for 7 gp a pop. Offer to play Swindlestones for the price of a room. He'll talk about Vik, Wolves, the guards, the Festival, the Beggar, "Something is coming". Do it twice.

    Leave. Yoink! Sleep outside, watch the werewolf. HOT or GOB damages it. Fight it. Search it, who made it?, prise it open, examine the body, examine the tattoo, bury the body. Vik has an army of werewolf slaves with magic armor that keeps them in werewolf form even when it isn't a full moon.

    Go to the intersection. Look all around, get the blimberry crate. (this will only happen once) Save the Waypoint location on a Save file. Hexediting the Waypoint I can return to this spot.

    Certain events in S2 happen differently depending on the how soon I reach them, and that depends on the order I go to them. We're gonna see them all.
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    Cheat Walkthrough part 2

    Turn left, there's a troop of guards. We duck into a building, which has a bunch of Black Elves getting high on "weedplant". They are too high to talk to us. If you partake of the hookah, you'll have some visions. You can choose the vision. Milk Jug, Girl is like eating a meal, Milk Jug Old Man is flat out healing. Dragon, Old Man has to run off into the city and wake up near Sirisi. Milk Jug Smoke has you giving each Dark Elf a gold piece and leaving. Dragon Girl gives you a headache and you leave. Dragon, Smoke gives you Reefer Madness and you kill the Dark Elves. This is murder and Courga will reject you later. You can steal a Black Mask after this, but it's not worth it. So Milk Jug Girl is the best, unless you are hurt, then Milk Jug Old Man. Leave.

    Special note, if you come here late, someone has burned the hut down. Search it for charcoal from a burned mask, a man outside who will hint they weren't supporting Vik, Vik for First Noble. (This is a special phrase, there's other places to learn it, so don't worry.) The other walkthrough says this was Moulas's house, it isn't. I'll mention when we get there. Special, special note, the Monk of Effe will tell us in Vlada that they were escapees from the caravan from S3.

    Move on. Next we meet a creature next to a fountain. He tells us that the fountains in Khare are safe, but implies has herbs that keeps people from revolting against the Council. (All it does is heal us, could be a long-term exposure thing) If you ask if any live near here, one of the nobles, Lord Moulas, is "almost dead" as a corpse, for which his house was torn down with only a fishpond left.

    Keep going. If you went to Daddu-Ley in S1, you'll describe the stillness of the street like that. Nice touch.

    Keep moving. The house of Lord Theetah, and his horse. Cast YAP to talk to the horse (in this run, I had to hack it in) It confirms it belongs to Lord Theetah, and that Lord Theetah has been gone for 3 weeks. If you steal the horse, you can jump off right away (I do this, to let the horse go), if you hold on it will go to the Fish Pond way away.. We don't want to do that. Don't enter the house yet, we want to get somewhere quickly.

    Go left, it's a guard house. They're saying that the Council has fled, Vik is taking over with his "teeth" (werewolves). Cast NIF and escape.

    Now we're in Dwarftown. Don't walk on your knees, doofus. Go over the crowd. Here we see the first time, a streetfight between a Pixie and a Sprite. If we had gone a different direction earlier, we wouldn't have gotten here on time, and the Pixie would win. Watch the fight, take a fried stick, bet on the Sprite, and cast SAP on the Pixie. Tell the Dwarf you are very lucky. The Sprite will now talk to you. Look down, "I don't know what you mean" Ask about Lorag. He lives on the other side of the river with the Red Eyes. He's a good man...but he does stuff that says otherwise. The Sprite will tell you to say that See-See sent you when you meet him.

    Let's enter the dwarf store. Ask for directions. Ask about the First Noble. Sansas has been in a Council meeting (by himself?) for two months, but nobody knows where the Council building is. Ask about Red-eyes. They've got Heat Vision, so always have their eyes closed, but they can still sense you. Buy everything. (I'm cheating with money, remember) The Potion of Mystery will make you stronger, but remove your hair. This is a source of insecurity for your character in S4, so it's a trade-off. Do not get the leather gauntlets, they're cursed. The Chain-Mail gauntlets increase your attack.

    Hack-edit back to the first intersection. This time go straight.

    There's a body in the road. Roll it over, and be attacked. This is Moulas, one of the Council members. According to Theetah later, he was the one who directly challenged Sansas. His body breaks into 6 pieces, so cast SIX to take him down all at once. Search the body, remember how Moulas's note was missing via a bite mark? seach the throat for the half of his spell-line he swallowed. Go to the doorway and talk to the gnome. It says that the body will come back to life eventually, but they'll cart it away to bother some other part of town by then. Ask all questions possible, ask for the Spelllines second to last. Compliment the creature, saying he has his ear to the ground. Get some sand.

    Walk on. Next is a fortuneteller. She's legit, be nice, ask about the North Gate spell. There will be different options depending on what we know, but she does foretell the future. She knows we want the Crown, Ask what the Crown is. Who are you? I wish to hear. The Crown is not in Khare, a lot of beings say it is but only one believes it is. We will get into what this means later. She'll say the Wolves must be turned around. That's ONE of the ways to save Khare.

    Next up, we hear a noise to to the right, this is the next timed event. If we had gone anywhere else at the intersection, the poachers and Sirisi would have been gone. Look for the noise, look at the creatures. Greet them or cast JIG for giggles, eat. Ask about Khare, ask about North Gate, you are on a quest. Who is Sirisi? I need to open the North Gate. You can cross Sirisi's palm with silver if you have the Silver Key from the goblin mine. But if you don't, it doesn't matter, being on good terms with the poacher, they'll provide something. Humor her. Unlike the other fortune teller, she's not legit. (if you cast TEL you can find this out directly, but then you won't be able to cast fAR) Offer to tell her fortune. Her Crystal Ball is real, and you can use it to learn the answer to the Impossible Question by casting fAR. Learning the answer to the impossible question will allow us to get a wish from the god of Malice Slangg without converting to worshipping him later. Tell you you see her fortune. Tell her she's losing friends, she's divulging a secret. (There is no way to get this Orb.) Now, later in the game its implied that Sirisi was the one who turned the Council against itself with fake fortunes. This is why she's feeling guilty now. Slip away. Try to break up the fight.

    In a second run, you can hand Theetah's silver badge to her for some extra dialogue. Tell her you are Noble, and she'll say that's it's not her doing it is bodes ill; reinforcing the above.

    Follow the narrow track. Look across the fields. Look at the farmer, it's a mutant with Scythe Hands. We'll meet another one in S4, implying the Archmage trades them with Khare as slaves. Say you work for the Council so you can ask some questions, offer work in exchange, say you're willing to learn hard work, say it's hard work, you'll get money and food. or for background flavor text, say you're from the Council, ask about any questions you don't know yet. Ask for repay with work, I can learn, Start Work, it's hard work, accept food and water and 6 gold.

    Follow the road towards Theetah's house. Go into the grounds. Search the bushes, find a mini-idol. Here we can learn the Courga (we'll learn the name later) ritual through trial and error; it's more forgiving then the actual thing, if just resets if you get it wrong. Examine the idol, touch the left eye, touch the right eye, touch the forehead, kiss the lips. Get healing. Enter the house. Be attacked by a bat. Cast DUM and fight, or two POP.

    Enter the house. Cast DOP. Look at the light, creep foward, look at the paintings for flavor, avoid the scuttle; there's a Darksnake in there. Nothing you do can kill it. Head in. Go upstairs. Grab the handrail, hold on. Theetah has a magic version of an escalator. Go into the bedroom, get the cane. Nothing in the bathroom, go back to the stairs into the library. Spooky eyes! Look at them, show you mean no harm. It's a painting. Go to it, look at it, look behind the painting, lift the painting. Try to balance it. Backwards and to your left. Look at the back of the painting to confirm it's Theetah's likeness. (and his house) Go back downstairs, look at the fireplace, reach it. It's a magic fireplace. We're going to be seeing another of these. They're made by a guy in the artist quarter. Go into the fireplace. Feel the grooves, examine the hole, a keyhole? Use the cane or a pipe to open it. This is Theetah's personal Shrine of Courga; with him writing "GIVE ME BACK MY EYES" We get hints to the ritual we figured out in the bushes, and that Theetah has a bunch of bandages with bloody eyes. Well, we knew he's blind. We learn later that Courga is big on virtue, and Theetah wasn't a good man. So he was blinded by the "blackeye", Courga won't help him because Theetah doesn't deserve it. We also find Theetah's silver badge of office, which does nothing, ever. Leave the house, drink some water from the fountain for healing. Move on.
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    Cheat Walkthrough part 3

    Hack waypoint back to the original intersection.

    Turn right. Turn right. Look at the hut, it's the chainmaker. Enter the hut. Despite what other walkthroughs tell you, you can't steal the glue and the blimberry at the same time, so search near the door to get the glue. We can use it later. Stop searching, call out the chainmaker. but a silver chain. There's a bug in the fourth game where you can't kill a ghost unless you have all 3 silver weapons. Technically only one should suffice, but oh well.

    Walk on. Stop to eat. Pick out the letter. If you fought Moulas later and got his note, you realize he had tried to swallow the note while being zombiefied.

    Save a Waypoint here.

    Another time event. We're going to the festival. You can go there early (timed event), and you can go there later when it's almost over.

    Have to save the Waypoint value here for hacking. Heading into the Festival. The barrel-boy requires you to just fight and kill everything instead of casting spells up to this point. Really not worth it. Small tent has man doing some kind of avante-gard performance; wearing a green-wig while ignoring you. He thinks it's hilarious. Cast SAP on him to make him give up the wig.

    Go to the middle of the fairway. Beer tent heals you if you smell the air. But don't drink anything, it's just river water. Talk to the barmaid, follow the conversation. Leave the tent. The dancing bear, we'll learn later, is run by a Minmite (not Jann) in a Dwarf robot. He distracts people with the bear, then climbs out and picks pockets. Spells will not will work. Try to free the bear, cast a spell to realize spells don't work, chase the pickpocket, keep chasing him, leave. Go to the next part.

    Go to the musicians, cast DOZ to screw up the performance, or JIG to help the musicians steal from the audience. Ask for help, shake his hand. Say you need somewhere to stay, and they'll tell you they're at the Meat and Cleaver, the other places lead to the slavers picking people up. Follow the figure, it's Flanker! Laugh with pleasure, and get all kinds of information. Ask about Portal Traps. Basically, on the other side of the river. He'll basically tell us all the clues we've learned so far. (benefit of transfering a save) Lorag, Priest of Slanng, Theetah, ask again about Portal Traps to learn that only Sansas the First Noble can make them. They teleport you elsewhere, and always look like a perfect circle. Ask about gods and he'll mention Slang and Courga, but Courga's temple is by the North Gate. Flanker will be waiting at the Wayfarer's Rest Inn for you. Sometimes Flanker isn't here, there's another chance to talk to him later this way.

    Now go to Bare Knuckle Fighting. Look over Anvar the Barbarian. His opponent is "Skullsplitter: The Ogre Cagou of Daddu-Ley. (Funny, didn't see any Ogres there last game.) Ask about bets. Bet on the Barbarian. 3 gold! If you do nothing, the Ogre will win. Cast Sap on the Ogre, and then keep cheering for Anvar. Take the challenge and fight Anvar yourself.

    There's one more part of the Festival we can do, but we'll do it later, it will stay open.

    Let's leave the fairway back through the entrance we came in, cut across the field. Draw your sword, threaten, and attack the mugger for some gold and gambling chips, or cast JIG for a peaceful resolution.

    Follow the path. Look at the fence. There's experimental super pilfer grass on the other side. If you jump over, the only way to survive is to pray; you'll only know what the grass is is if you die. So we just cast ZAP from here, burn it down, and call it a day.

    Go up the hill, turn right.

    Go to the house, knock. "Be careful at the doorway" Slip through. Look at the hearth. It's a mindflayer, I mean Flayer chef. (The dwarf shopkeeper will have mentioned having sold him a potion of mystery if you drink it and have your hair fall out in front of him.) Greet him, he doesn't know any plot questions. Ask to buy food. Accept, spill it to distract him and steal a Gold-Backed Mirror and scroll. The scroll will have a recipe for Nightshade soup, which raises max HP by 1. In S3 it can be given to the chef in the village of Kariamma centuries in the past who says it's her recipe that was lost-stolen. Considering how whibbly-wobbley timey-whimy the Baklands are, whatever.

    Go down the main road. There's a hut and a statue. The statue wants to kill you, the hut is where it keeps its victims. Go in the hut, get the bone bracelet. Come back out. "Something is different", the statue. Cast LAW to make it kill itself, or TEL to verify it's evil and attack. Search it for a Sun Jewel. Keep moving

    Look down the track. Follow the track. Women are not allowed inside (if male, strangers can't enter). You can play swindlestones, though. You can play multiple times, but not for money. You can find out that the founder of Khare invented Swindlestones, and his name was Lorag and is buried in the Necropolis. Like the scholar/noble. But that was hundreds of years ago. Lord Moulas served God Slangg, the Temple Priest may know. But he only helps with questions if you can answer a question, and one is impossible. The other requires you to be a follower. The impossible answer is because nobody has ever asked the question, or knows what it is.

    Move on to the domed building. This is the Artist's Quarter. All paths before this lead to here, escept riding Theetah's horse and past the festival. Go below the dome. Head to the back, check out the carpets. Look at the twice if you don't have noseplugs, get out by casting Tel and attacking the man, punching him out. or summon a giant and move the carpets to reveal the gnome thieves and get 6 gold.

    Go back below the dome. Talk to the artist. Look at his paintings (hey, it's Moulas), greet him, don't ask what happened to his hands. Ask him if he holds the brush in his mouth. Step into the hut. Of course this is a trap. Inside is a magic paintbrush. It's making a picture of you. The picture will rob you. You can stop the brush by casting SIX or mUD on the floor. Or slice at it, then the canvas to wound the copy, I like casting RAZ. Take the drawings and leave. Tell the artist the painting tried to kill you (which only happens if you let the copy attack you), and then tell him you've already taken your rewardand he'll tell you they're not worth much for much longer. Ask about the nobles to get the "Vik For First Noble" keyphrase.

    Go to the other end for the Firemaster. "What are they for?" Show me.

    Stealing from this guy will hurt your Honour because unlike the other two, he's not trying to rob you. If you want to, cast mAG (or ZIP) if you want to go into the flames and open the chest. Buy a small flame. Ask him about the fireplace in Theetah's house. Ask about nobles first, what happened to them, and how to get spell lines. Go back Under the Dome and leave. Either cast HOW or ask someone. Drink from the fountain, move on.

    If you stay here for any period of time, a child will pickpocket you. You can chase them, best spell to catch them is DOZ. But no matter what you say or do, vangorn will catch you. This moves you too far ahead, so instead I'll just make a move quickly out of the square.

    Make a Waypoint save.
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    Cheat Walkthroug Part 4

    Follow the main road. Greet the man. Take his hands, he heals you and tells you to find the Crown. Well, that was mysterious. Waypoint back and go into the slums instead.

    Greet folks. Someone says hello. Look around, and a young man says his name is Slangg. Like the god? He denies it. Slangg the human? always lies, so you can ask for advice, his answer will always be the opposite. And he gets confused if you get tricky, like asking him to repeat something. (Should he repeat the lie? But that would be telling the truth about what he said) Move on.

    Watch the man with the ladder. Go over to the girl, say I'll help you, cast BIG or ZEN. get an apple. Talk to her. Ask for a ladder. You can trust me. She offers 8 gold pieces. Pay her half now, half when she gives it, she'll give you a rope ladder. That wasn't the deal, so smile, take the ladder, and leave.

    (You can actually murder the girl with ZAP. That's really dark)

    Waypoint save at this intersection, go left. (The way "Slangg" told you.) go into the metalworkers guild. Greet the gnome and troll. Don't talk about magic, ask them about their stuff. The troll made it? He made the Statue of Mattak. I haven't seen it. Why does the statue need a panel? (It's the weak spot)

    Go back to the intersection via Waypoint. This time go right. Toss the beggar girl a coin. No matter what you ask, she'll challenge you to swindlestones. She has 6 coins. Clues gained in the game are Vik's slave teams, Lorag, Moulas's corpse, the House of Vlada gambling hall. You can play 2 times for 4 and 2, or 3 times for 2 each. offer her a coin again, and she'll refuse.

    Go to the center, look down the well, climb down. Keep climbing down. Go to the ledge, use the rope ladder. Go to the bottom, and move on. You'll see a huddle of cloth. Investigate. Touch it. Examine the cloak It's says "1" on it. Now who is numbered in this city? The nobles. The First Noble is Sansas. Hmmm... move on.

    Search the wreckage. Uncork the bottle, blimberry! Keep it. Walk on.

    Enter the chamber. The rags have 3 gold, but will give fleas. Examine the chamber, look at the marks. Read the poem. It's half of each line of the entire Spellphrase for the gate. Who knows the entire spellphrase? Sansas.

    Get attacked by a Ratbear. Cast YAP to talk to it. Ask who lived in this room. A old man did, for two days. Then the Goblins came and put a crown on his head. A crown? They put it on his head and he told them what to do. Only they made it look like he took it from them. Goblins are clever.

    Remember what the fortuneteller said? Many say the crown is in Khare, but only one believes it. The Goblins are tricking First Noble Sansas into thinking he's wearing the Crown of Kings and commanding them.

    Order the Ratbear away or keep talking to it/Finish the Spell to fight it.

    We have to get out of here, there's a tidal wave coming from the river. Even if we survive it, the wave will ruin all paper except spellbooks and Gladragor's Note, and food except for Blimberry. Fortunately we tied that rope ladder to the well, so we can go out that way. The ladder is too tight to untie, so cut it free. This doesn't damage its capabilty as a ladder.

    Let's go straight on. There's a creature offering some gold. Listen. They want me to go to the bathhouse and spy on a conversation. 4 gold now, 6 later. Head downhill. Go in. It's 4 gold. If you did have fleas, swimming will wash them off. Swim first, then go into the steam room. Do not talk and just listen, and you'll hear about how an assassin failed, but this one will succeed because you have to be sneaky against a wizard. The assassin either did Moulas and Theetah's killing/blinding or know about it, as well as Shinva. (New name!) Apparently Shinva was intentionally turned into a ghost. The last man who tried to kill the wizard was turned into a circus sideshow. The target is in the Redeye Quarter, the big mansion, he is a scholar. (Hey, it's Lorag.) Check your belongings over, but it's only a problem if you went into the steam room first and then swam. We're now returnning to the Festival from this end.

    The Festival is winding down, but there's still some stuff to do. Enter Hannah's Cabinet of Fortune, nobody bothered with this guy so it's still up. Look inside the cabinet. A weird little creature. A circus attraction. Ask about it It's his pet, but it bites. Hmmm.... How much does it cost. 2 gold pieces. Cast a spell. TEL. Hannah's legit, his game sometimes wins out and sometimes doesn't. There's another mind in the room, though. Listen, and you'll hear someone say that their son is an idiot, they told Sansas a wizard could protect themselves. He's still going to try and kill Lorag, though. So the this guy tried to assassinate Lorag, and got transformed. Lie to Hannah and say you have no gold. He'll bemoan that he's in a bad location, and nobody goes there. Agree with him, he'll mention that the stall was his fathers, and the critter was his. and it's hungry/scary. Say he should give it to you or abandon it, and Hannah says he can't. This is his father's legacy. His father angered Lorag, who zapped him, and left this creature in his place. Wearing his cloths. (Hannah's in denial)

    Look at the creature. Tell Hannah that's his father. Hannah denies it. Play the game after all. "What now?" Hannah says you REALLY have to piss the critter off to get a good item. Shout something. "Stupid Creature" "Sansas" and "Lorag" based on our mind reading. There's a list of items starting with a bone bracelet, but if you have everything, it will be a giant's tooth. Go into the fair some more. If your HP is high, in the middle of the fairway, a woman will ask if you want to get "smashed" and start beating you up. Smile and take it, and she'll give you some sand.

    Enter the tent, it's the Dancing Bear and dwarf from before, both are sleeping. Leave them alone if you want to keep your virtue, I find stealing from them turns Gorilla into Ape. (But Courga won't mind) Or Start to steal from them, , look in the costume. you'll discover how they're really a minmite.

    Push through the crowd, and you'll find bodies. Look at them, and they're drunk people. Don't bother pickpocketing, they've already spent their money or been robbed already. However, there's the guard. Greet them, fall down drunk, get up again right away, and the guard will chase you, start to run, and Flanker will kill them all. Wait and watch. Look at the Assassin. Greet him. As mentioned before, you have a chance now to talk to Flanker about all the clues you've gathered and he'll fill in the blanks. Also ask about Portal Traps. Basically, on the other side of the river. He'll basically tell us all the clues we've learned so far. (benefit of transfering a save) Lorag, Priest of Slanng, Theetah, ask again about Portal Traps to learn that only Sansas the First Noble can make them. They teleport you elsewhere, and always look like a perfect circle. Ask about gods and he'll mention Slang and Courga, but Courga's temple is by the North Gate. Flanker will be waiting at the Wayfarer's Rest Inn for you. Sometimes Flanker isn't here, there's another chance to talk to him later this way.
  12. Andyzero

    Andyzero Well-Known Member

    Jan 19, 2017
    Cheat Walkthrough Part 5

    We'll see a glorious ruined house with just a fishpond outside. HERE is Moulas's house. There's a fishpond inside and a single gold coin. If you YAP the fish, it will say it's cold. This is the one fountain that does NOT heal you. It also tells you "some go left and never come back, those who go right do." We're going to investigate why. But now, we're going to fix this fishpond. Cast DOP, and you'll unclog the drain; taking the fish with it. Hopefully he survives. We get the gold coin.

    Let's go uphill. Move cautiously, and get grabbed by someone and pulled into their house. Turn to see who it is. Sit with him. Ask him about himself, He travelled with Glandagor. (So did Vik, and the old man in the prison without the arm, and Blanca. Whoever that was.) He hasn't said his name, though. Tell him you've met Glandagor, and the man looks worried, wondering if he talked about him. No, no. Surely not. (Oh, that's not suspicious.) Say you'll drink with him. You can ask one general question. When you get to drink, not drink, or cast a spell, cast SAP. The man will be depressed, say he's Vangorn the Murderer, and tell you he poisoned your drink and reach to for the drink. Let him and he'll drink it, and die. "Typical." (If you stop him, he'll attack you. He's a very hard fight.) If this is the second time aronud, you only get the choice to fight him or run.

    Or you could let him poison you, and mention Vik. He'll give you the antidote, tell you he's Vik's brother, and offer you a black facemask as an apology. (These cannot both be done.) If you're going to play twice, I suggest letting poison you and telling him about Vik the first time, and then killing him the second time for completion.

    If you kill him, search his body for money. Look in the cupboards, get the bark essence and poison. There's a poisonous spider behind the wall hangings. If you get it on you, cast JIG, cast YAP and tell it that a bird wants to eat it to get it to run, or cast GOB and have it get the spider off you to kill it.

    If you go back to the guy who was paying you, screw around until he gets angry and cast KID to have an "air of authority", he'll think you're Vik. Ask for money and he'll give you 12 gold pieces.

    Follow the road. It looks like there is a man robbing his neighbor up ahead by using a plank to connect their houses. Cast BIG and remove the plank to stop that.

    Now back to the well. Go straight on. Voices ahead, walk on, right before the docks its the shrine of Slangg, God of Malice. Step inside. Hey, didn't somebody say they were Slangg? Oh right, the liar. Odd. (I'm not sure what getting this right does.) Examine the crowd, and ask someone about the challenge. Watch someone take it. The answer is NOT "Silence" Take the question. Now, if we take the easy question, we have to convert to Slangg worship and give up our Animal Spirit. Slangg is an asshole you who will heal you fully from time to time, but take away combat skill. He'll raise your combat skill anytime you do something evil. It is possible to drop his worship for a different god, Courga in this game or one of the others later. You have to find Courga and not have murdered anyone to do it here.

    Or you can answer the impossible question, which we know the answer to. Sirisi. You can only do this if you chose the middle path and went forward at the first intersection, otherwise she's gone and the option never comes up. Doing this prevents the option from ever being possible. (If you're playing the New Game Plus and did the Sirisi route first, you still know that answer, though, so you can do something else.)

    ...wait, why are we doing this at all? To get Moula's spellline. If you ate a meal right before the Festival and got half the note, and fought Zombie Moulas and got half the note, you already have it. None of the other questions you can ask Slangg matter. So figure that in when you do this. (Alternatively, if you botch the North Gate, you'll get into a New Game+ with the knowledge doing this provides.)

    We're cheating, so we'll do the Impossible Question. The answer is Sirisi.

    What do we get? "I wish to be rich beyond my imagination." We don't get anything right away, but eventually the priest says we will be rich. I haven't seen any results of this in S3 or S4, but I never keep Slangg. "Tell me the North Gate spell" you only get Moula's line. We already have that. "Can Khare be saved? "From itself, no. From those that hate the city undergound, yes. You must summon fire from the Gate with the name of the Beast." "I wish to be stronger than anyone" turns you to stone.

    .....UNLESS you are VERY strong in your faith. I'm not sure what the paramenters of this are, I did it with The Gorilla via Sirisi answer, and it won't work if Prayer is on cooldown. As you are turning to stone; pray. And your faith will DESTROY Slangg's temple. Don't steal the candles, just flee, Best do this in Lorag New Game+, otherwise you won't have enough spell-lines.

    Head to the docks. Look around. Head to the Wayfarer's Rest. That's where Flanker said he would be. Sit at a table, talk to some sailors. His wife? First mate? is named Ecka They talk with an incredibly thick accent. Say you're "maybe" wanting to sign on. We're playing Swindlestones for foi goild paces."You're on.) You can play twice.

    The Sailor is a member of Vik's slaving crew. Sailor talks about the nobles vanished in a meeting a month or so, he thinks the nobles left town, he's from the country of Lumle, cemetary, the undead, you can only kill undead with silver, the nobles are running away, Sansas talked to a fortuneteller (Sirisi) who told him the other Councilmembers are after him, Viks taking over and will be better, an Courga is a good god to have, if he doesn't kill you.

    And there's Flanker. He wants to play Swindlestones. Of course he does. But he wants to bet his life-debt you have on him. He wins, it goes away. He doesn't say what I get. He's on. He complains how I talk a lot. He talks about prefering the country, he talks about how his mission to kill Lorag bothers him, how only Lorag and Theetah are left alive.

    As payment for me beating him, he takes me to the council. It's hidden next to the Metalworker's shop. He tells us to wait, we walk right in. Look into the fire, sit down, walk in. There's two guards in front of the council. Wait and watch. Remember we've heard that Sansas has been in there for 1-3 months. TEL the guard to confirm this, talk to the first guard, ask how long the Council has been in session. Two months. Without food? Tell them to open the door. Don't be wet. Walk in. Big empty council chamber. Big CIRCLE in the middle. Walk around the chairs. Look at the names. Moulas, Tiffin, Lorag, Shinva, Zirin, and Theerah. (Zirin and Tiffin are never mentioned again.) Sit on the throne. Examine the circle. It's perfect. It's a Portal Trap. If you walk into it, you'll end up at the bottom of the well. So that's how Sansas got down there. We're not stepping into it. We go back to the docks.

    Okay, time for another Waypoint Save.

    Sleep in the Market. Listen. Keep doing it until you're captured. We're in the hold of a ship. It's Vik's slaver ship. Vik captures slaves, and then infects them with Lycanthropy; at least the ones not torn apart by werewolves, and uses the armor to keep their form locked in place and control them. Tomas the gate guard is here too, he was captured. There's two ways to get out. Wait until they lower a werewolf, and then keep trying to cast HOT. (Takes three tries), or shout for a guard, say we're a friend of Vik's. Say I'm a friend of Vik's! again." Tell him I'm a friend of Glandragor, Silence the other prisoner, promise to rescue him. Supposedly Vik himself comes by. Tell him I'm Glandragor's friend that he's a comrade of yours or show him Glandragor's note. (I never gave it to the ruffian guarding the spring, I sent Jann ahead and cast DUD.)

    They'll throw down a ladder for you. The asshole method here is to kick them off and keep pretending to be Vik's friend. Then you can leave the prisoners to their deaths or werewolfhood or free them; leading Or we can swarm up the ladder and take the ship. Join the fight, take out the leader by casting BIG or SIX to make him jump off the ship himself.

    Tomas announces they're gonna be pirates. If we take captain of the ship, Vik will send another ship to blow it to smithereens. If we jump off, apparently Tomas is such an awesome leader he'll become a infamous yet noble pirate captain by S4. We start to jump off, and this checks off the "Save Tomas" flag. But hitting the water means losing all paper items and food.

    Instead I waypoint back to the western dock and go into the Meat and Cleaver inn. This is where Jeera the musician is waiting, the thief from the Festival. Sit with him, he's happy I helped, and will share his food. Ask them where to stay, tell them about Vik, his werewolves, that you're crossing the river, ask about the Red Eyes.

    Go over to the bar. Greet the barkeeper. Ask about rooms, buy a room, ask him about trade, ask him about the city falling apart, ask him about you know what, ask about Vik. He'll give the Vik For First Noble line. Head to bed.

    Unfortunately, he's crazy. Look around, he's tied you up to a death trap. A guillotine! Plead. Release the rope. What's My Fate is a fakeout. Loosen your armstraps. Lower the blade, loosen your leg straps. Go downstairs. Grab the innkeeper, let him go. Go outside. Go to the bridge. Wait, buy breakfast if you want. Either wait wait wait wait wait until the bridge comes down, or bribe the man to hurry. (I think this is the toll some people talk about) We've crossed the bridge! (I don't think getting here quickly does anything)
  13. Andyzero

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    Jan 19, 2017
    Cheat Walkthrough Part 6

    Turn left, we're in Red Eyes Town. You're not going to find friends here. Greet the first person. Greet the second. When the gang approaches, you can

    left, left, run into the gang.
    left, straight, into a portal trap.
    left, right, right, run into the gang.
    left, right, straight, between the prison and Lorag.
    right, left, keep running, between the prison and Lorag near Lorag
    right, left, left, gang.
    right, left, right, straight: Portal trap.
    right, right, gang

    if you end up near Lorag, you can knock on the door, find a random Svinn, tell her the council sent you, show her your council badge, and ask about Lorag. She'll tell you to tell him Micha sent you. Go to Lorags or the main square. But you won't be able to free the Elvin from prison.

    Or Approach the gang. Walk up to them and tell them they own the street, and you don't want a fight, they'll steal 10 gold and walk away. Or Cast gAK to make them run away, you need the black face mask. or elbow your way through them, and this will unlock new spells like KIN Cast KIN and watch the fight, mutally assured destruction.

    Go Further On. Save the way point. Call this the tip of Red Quarter.

    Go down the side-alley. Keep walking, look at the warehouse, enter wait to see what happens, keep waiting. Cast mUD on the Slime Eater, search the warehouse. Take everything, waypoint back to right after the bridge.

    This time turn right. Avoid the Elvin woman, she'll steal from the statue and have you fight it. You can offer to help and say you're an adventurer to have her choose to leave. Move on. It's a Red Eyes sitting in front of an Oliver Twist-esque orphanage. We can challenge him to Swindlestones. If we lost, we die. (He puts us in prison.)

    Topics: The orphanage behind him, the Elvin he played swindlestones with earlier and had locked up to be tortured to death, the Fireview Square, how each species block has the option to self-police, hence the Red Eye district has no Council Guards.

    Win, go down to Fireview Square. Do not approach the monument, we're going to do something. look at the arch, look at the exit, talk to the herbalist. He's running a scam. He has a potion called Mustiq that hypnotizes people. He'll shove it in your face. Do not smell it, or he'll take your money. He will then breath it in. Do not ask him to give you the Mustiq or his most expensive item (the Mustiq), because then you're smelling it and he'll take your money. Instead tell him to give you something else, a blimberry potion. Visit the Fruitvendor, pick through the fruit, but the apple and get full healing. Ask about undead, Lorag, blind beggers (don't say Theetah's name), and the First Noble. He'll tell you to go into the monument. (He's not lying.) Don't ask about spell-lines.

    Leave, go through the alley in the upper middle. We can't pass the slime eater, go through the side-alley, cast Big, get the jewel, cast big, enter yard, go down steps, cast NIF, unlock the door with the copper key we got from the beggar in Dhumpus. Escape. Keep going right, leave the elvin behind. (He'll be fine, he's part of Vik's army in the end) keep going right. Go down.

    Avoid the orclings, cast Tel to avoid them, or DUD to make them fight each other. Move on.

    Outside a big house with an L on a flag. Lorag's house. Sneak around back to listen to hum discussing the Deimos, Igneaous and Maxxis stars, aka the Stars for the DUM spell.

    If you need a mirror, you can creep around back and use the glue from the Chainmaker Shop to repair one. Otherwise, head for the door. Knock. He's hope, after all. Say you're a sorcerer or that See-See (or Miska) sent you. Be polite. Give him your weapon. Let him know about the plot you heard in the bathhouse. Shrug if he asks if you're the assassin. (You'd say no, but that's what you would say, isn't it?) ask him if he's a sage or sorcerer, accept the wine. Show him the Flayer's scroll, it's a soup recipe, ask about the North Gate. Tell him you're either passing through, or you will save Khare. Magic came from the stars.

    Lorag'll show you spells he saw on the Daddu-Ley walls. (we saw the TOP spell, after all), say you know what they are. Spells. Impress him, the first spell is confusion. (DUM), the second is mind-reading.) He'll pull out another scroll. Finally, he shows a great and terrible spell, missing the last letter. The answer is an upside down L. The spell is ZED.

    Death and time travel. In Sorcery 4, Throben will teach/inflict ZED on you. If you die, you go back to where you learned ZED, with all your knowledge and items intact. Lorag is screwing around with this. In the books, if you screw up the Lorag spell, you can be sent back in time centuries. That may explain why a Lorag founded Khare. Ask him what it does, and he'll tell you he saw it in Daddu-Ley. He just hasn't found where the Constellations are. In S4, Throben will tell you there are two places you can see them. The North Gate and the Gardens of Briar.

    Ask him where you can find the other spelllines, he'll suggest talking to Shinva's ghost in the Necropolis. Now, he has an experiment for you. Take the wig. Put it on. Green wig, for YAP or RAP. He puts on a skullcap, for TEL. If you cast RAP, you'll find out he's trying to enslave you in Goblin. But knowing he's doing it makes it worthless. He'll let you keep the green-wig if you don't have one. mAG works too but you won't know what he's doing.

    If you let him do it, he'll turn you into his pet. (Similar to how the Snakecharmer can turn you into a snake in S3 with his music.)

    Leave. Push onwards, approach the blacksmith. Tap his arm. Ask him some questions. Do you make wolf-armor? He'll tell you Vik for First Noble. "He's making an army" If you pay Vik, he'l leave you alone. Well then. Ask about silver weapons, he'll say he made a bow down in the market. Ask about his swords, he'll show you his sword of large-hand. (Legend) 70 gold. Buy it.

    Head into the next square. See the big statue with offerings under it. This is Mankata, who the Metalworkers put a weakness in a panel on the left leg. If we had a NORMAL sword we'd worry about that. Take the gold, look up, and dodge back. Pull out your legend sword, and cut it to pieces.

    Do a waypoint save, this is going to be a big one.

    Go back to the big square. Go to the monument. It's a big circle. If you ask around, they'll suggest you guess. Guess it's a trap. Several Red-Eyes walked in and vanished. Walk into the portal trap. Sewers again.

    Duck. Go on, head towards the light. It's a large group of goblins. This is the domain of the maid king, apparently. Either cast gAK or fight 4 goblins in a row. They leave. Follow them. Keep following. Look at the glint, get some blimberry. Keep moving. Here is the Goblin King.

    Look at the man, look at his face, yep, it's Sansas. Look at the crown. The Goblins are using him to open the gate. Once they do, they'll kill him. Start creeping towards the exit. Cast fal to make climbing easier. He rants a bit and mentions blinding Theetah.

    It's the Gate. We don't know the spell lines. We can't fight all the goblins, and Sansas can open the gate to get the ones here out, the ones out inside.

    Eventually we're stopped by the spirit of Lorag. He really did use ZED to go back in time the founding of Khare. This is his ghost who stuck around. He needs you to get the Spell-Lines to harness the power of the gate against the Goblins. If we continue, we can leave Khare and let it be destroyed, but he'll be a hostile presence within us, replacing any Spirit or God we worship. Or, we can go back in time, at the cost of max HP, to almost any point in Sorcery 2. Even back to the south entrance. Basically, a New Game Plus exclusive for Sorcery 2. This is why "impossible" Spell use was allowed in areas I couldn't have gotten the items for yet, they were planning on people's second or third or fourth playthrough.

    Instead, I waypoint back to the square before leaving the well.

    Special note, had I allowed those goblins to catch me, and they bring me before Sansas, if I just sayed down and refused to get up, he'd have a nervous breakdown and the goblins would have to kill him early. There's still enough in the sewers to kill everyone in Khare though. If you go through the throne room, you'll end up near the gate, but if you go back, you'll end up between the cemetary and the gate.

    Going down the left fork. Buy the silver bow. (Again, there's a bug in S4, we need all three silver weapons to kill an evil ghost girl) But tinderbox and snake antidote. Haggle for the sunstone. In Lower Khare, this cost 10. Just someone in the market. Buy provisions.

    Head to the well. Toss a gold piece into the well. Here a voice down there saying they'll grant wishes for more. ....yeah right. Cast DUD. A tiny gnome comes out of the well, and starts taking the money. Grab the pouch he's putting it in, and get an extra giant tooth.

    Waypoint travel back to the square. Head to the halls of Vlada. Time to take out everyone. All the Swindlestone players, or copies are here. The old man with one arm, but he says he's not the same guy. The Innkeeper. This one say he's the brother of the one by the South Gate. The Sailor, the Red Eye, the Beggar Girl, and the Monk of Effe are all the same people as those we've met earlier. Nobody has any real CLUEs, though. (Although the monk will tell you that you can get rid of Slangg by accepting a more powerful god, if you're "worshipping" him. This is a clue that you can worship Courga can get rid of Slangg.) Innkeeper and monk will say that the Baklands is a marsh, and that there is a god Throff out there. The Sailor is a slaver who works for Vik, that there's an encamplent of Black Elves who are lost souls. The old man tells you about the statue, don't fight undead in the dark, and use silver.
  14. Andyzero

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    Jan 19, 2017
    Cheat Walkthrough Part 7

    Move on.

    Win against everybody.

    My stunt with the portal trap means I have to waypoint back to the square to go down to the left.

    Next we see a man with a grappling hook, trying to get into his home; where his elvin wife is mad at him. You cannot steal the grappling hook; but if you ask about it, you'll find out he found it in the well in the baklands. We can meet him again in S3 the past of where the ruins of the Temple of Throff, just as he's getting out of the well.

    Move on. Look at the house, cast DOP, a leper is coming, cast dOC, look at the leper, throw a blimberry potion at them. You cured her of the same plague as the plague from the village of Urrastanti from S1.
    If you ask about the disease, you'll creep her out, instead ask how she'll return, tell her to burn the cloak, ask her about the Cityport, she'll tell you about the beggar/Theetah. She'll warn you to avoid the Mill-wheel ahead (Portal Trap). Enter the house. Talk to the butler, it's an Ogre with Red Eyes. He suggests that Lord Shinva could return in some form. (Necromancy, the assassins say he was turned into a ghost on purpose), and that he's in the Necropolis. (Graveyard.)

    There's a fork now, into the road or the alley, but they go the same place. There's some poisonous berries in the alley, that act like a meal, but I've never found a use for them.

    Next there's a broken house and a mill, climb the Mill, and you get sent into a Portal Trap, climb the broken house.

    Intersection. If this is New Game+, Time for the last waypoint save in the game.

    Go right to the stone house everything here is stoned. If you cast HOW, you're told there is one place out of this place, but only if you have the right gift. We need ZIP, with the Green Ring, which can only be gained from castign TEL in S1 which can only be gained in New Game Plus. Cast ZIP, and we go to the Garden of Briar.

    We will meet Throben, who tells us we are early. We will/have met Throben in S4, Throben is one of two people who know the ZED spell, time travel through death. (If we try to kill him, he'll complain he has to memorize all your moves and then predict everything you do. IE, even if you kill him, he ZED-scum and changes time so you don't. I know all about that.)

    Play along, tell him the Garden is beautiful; he'll ask if you can guess how the Garden got it's name. Spoilers here, it's Aliizi who became Briarpatch, who becomes Bria, up and down the timeline. (For her, the beacons and winds of time are permanent apparently) She named these gardens, one thousand years ago. If you ask why she cared, you'll say she helped the archmage. Throben will comment that you underestimate her.

    This is true. Aliizi/Briarpatch knows at the end of S4 that she's going to tell the Archmage about you, thus causing the Archmage to steal the Crown. She did not do it to help him. She did it to either preserve the timeline, or help you. She left a message. "Sob over my grave."

    SOB is a special spell castable in S3/4. The funny thing, is a lot of people like myself try every spell at every part of the game, so a lot of people got to the last part of this little chain. Casting SOB at Bria's grave, without meeting Libra for the first time a second time, without casting TEL at the goblin in Schanker Mine, without casting ZIP at the stone house.

    Appropriate, given what a temporal headache mapping this all out is. Aliizi, Thorben, and Lorag, all time travellers with different rules. Throben teleports us to a well right before the Necropolis, thus moving us past Theetah. Going down this well would take us to the same place the Portal Traps go.

    I'm using my last Wavepoint to go back to before the stone house.

    This time, go Left. We meet the beggar. Look at him. If we have the sketch from the artist, we'll recognize him as Theetah, otherwise we should realize via context clues. Wake him. Introduce ourselves, give his cane. He "looks" upward, it's not a trap. Look up. Theetah is under a curse where harpies torment him, they tore out his eyes. We know that Sansas, aka the Goblin King, cast this curse. Time to be a hero, step in front of him. There's two harpies, easiest way to take one out immediatly is dIM, you still have to fight one. Give Theetah some food, and he'll give you a Serpent Ring which you can use to cast SSS on the Seven Serpents in S3 to get hints. Ask him about his eyes. Ask if he was betraying him, ask for his spell line. He barely remember it. Wait, and you'll get half of it. You'll need the name of the god of Pride to complete it. There's two ways to get that, from Courga, or from the goblins in the Portal Trap if you beat them and follow them. Of course, you'll remember any spell-line you learned if Lorag sent you back. If you already know it this way, you'll ask and Theetah will agree.

    Time to move on. If you go into the hovel, there's a gnome who will "give" you items, but magically trade one away from you each time. Rope ladder and one of the noble sketches is high on the list to be lost, there's likely a scaling list of what you have an what will be taken. Decide what you want.

    Go on, it's the fence to the Necropolis Cemetary. Cast BIG, bend the bars, wait, enter. (or ZEN or ZIP)

    Inside the graveyard, look around the gravestones. Explore the older tombs, and find the oldest tomb. (There's no "grave goods") It's Lorag's. Look at the mausoleum, Look at the carving, examine it, and note they look the same. Clear the inscription, and make a rubbing to read that he saved the camo of Khare before it was a city, dammed a river, taught about silver weapons killing the udea, "caught the rage of fury" in the gates of bone. (Slangg's prophecy mentioned "fire of the Beast at the gates" as well.) Lorag: Spirit of Khare, you must never leave. The power of time is a curse as well as a blessing.

    Go to the newer tombs. If you traded for a compass, it would go straight to the right one, but going by alphabetically order, we know to go to Shinva. If you screw around here, you're attacked by a Deathwraith. You'll need a silver weapon, but even if you kill it, there's a lot more that will chase you out of the Necropolis before ever finding Shinva. Outside the tome, there's a ring of mushrooms. Look at it, you'll notice the descriiption "perfectly circular" meaning it is a Portal Trap. There's a "silver stake" in the middle that you can only get to if you enter the ring. (I like how the game asks if you're sure) You can avoid this by casting BIG to get the stake without touching the circle, or MAG to enter the circle and it doesn't affect you. It's really a silver sword, which is a better silver weapon in flat out combat than the chain. ...not that that's saying anything, it's still -3 than your original Analand blade. But there's a bug in the fourth game where you can't kill an evil ghost girl unless you have all 3 silver weapons.

    Enter the tomb. Cast SUN, it's going to get dark real soon, and we've been told Undead are invincible in the darkness. Otherwise you need to set something paper on fire. Head to the stairs, and you'll see the entrance closing. That's fine, what we need is downstairs.

    Head down, and there is the crypt. Now, we all know the undead is going to attack down here, just just wait and watch. A Deathwraith comes out of an alcove (not the coffin). If you're going to fight it, while the silver sword will damage it, it REALLY sucks, and most likely the Deathwraith will damage you badly. WOK will make you defend perfectly with no damage. For some reason (it was like this in the book too), WAL will bypass the Deathwraith entirely, sealing it in the alcove long enough to go someone else. Oddly the Deathwraiths in S4 can go straight through WAL.

    My FAVORITE spell here, is KIN. "Only" silver can kill the undead...or another undead. The two Deathwraiths drain each other to death. Er, unexistance. Reminds me of how "Creature Copy" was the only way to kill the Hydra in the Citadel of Chaos gamebook. (A Fighting Fantasy gamebook, like Sorcery! originally)

    Now a ghost is coming out of the coffin. This one is not hostile, it is Lord Shinva. Don't attack, it's rude. (and doesn't do anything, not using your silver weapons, apparently) If you have his sketch, you recognize him from it. Confirm his identity, tell him who you are, tell the truth. Tell him about your quest. He'll tell you how horrifying the Crown is, that you don't even know you're being controlled by it. ask about the Baklands and he'll tell you a poem "For sleeping of the sleepless ram, seek out the one they call The Sham". He'll show you how to get out of the crypt, and heal you with the last of his existence.

    Move on. With a non-cheating, non-ZED run, all you should be missing at this point is the God of Pride's name, otherwise you'll have to go back in time and lost some max hp, or Khare is destroyed (which will affect S4), and Lorag will haunt you, taking the place of any god.) We pass by a well. It's this well we'd come out of if we took the long way out of the goblin lair. You can pull up the bucket and drink for more healing. Fork in the road. Go to the Ziggurat first. This is the shrine of Courga. Look at the Gargoyle and give it a gold piece, look into it's eyes for some healing. Climb up. Either climb up and lose stamina for effort, or cast BIG (and lost the same HP) or ZEN.

    Look at the view. Look south, at the city. Look north, at the torches of an army (goblins) far larger than those under the city. This is why the Goblins want the Gate to open, to let their brethren in.
  15. Andyzero

    Andyzero Well-Known Member

    Jan 19, 2017
    Cheat Walkthrough Part 8

    Climb up. Look into the opening, that's the shrine itself, but we're going higher. Look at the view, look at the stars. Special stars are available here. You can cast spells that don't exist anywhere else. Try to fashion a spell. http://sorcery2.wikia.com/wiki/Secret_Spells_of_the_Temple_of_Courga

    LAK - summon rainstorm
    LUK - Gives a chance to guess the werewolf's password.
    TAK - Obtain Magic Item
    TAR - Recover stamina
    TUK - Recover stamina
    PUR - Make cats meow

    Go back to the opening and enter. Wait and listen. It's a serpent, poisonous, you may need your snake bite antidote. But you won't need it if you don't get bitten.

    Further in. The last portal trap in the game, the circles in the carpet leading to the altar. Avoid them. If you cast SUS, Courga will interrupt, saying you have to choose. ZAP destroys the carpet but leaves the trap, ZEN if you want to be a smartass.

    Do the ritual, kiss the left eye, right eye, forehead, lips. Ask about the name of the God of Pride, the baklands, the other for flavor. If you haven't murdered anyone, you can take Courga as your god. He will replace Slangg if you worshipped him. Courga heals the most of all gods, but he likes good behavior. He won't heal you if you've stolen recently, and will leave you if you murder anyone.

    Leave. The hour is late. We should know the Spelllines and the order now. Go back to the fork. Move forward. There's all kinds of hints that there are a LOT of wolves up here.

    Vik for First Noble gets you past. If you saved the Elvin from the Red Eye prison, even if you don't know it, he'll let you past. If you've done this already, and were sent back in time by Lorag, you can warn them that the Goblins are behind them at the gate, and turn them around (what the Fortuneteller said to do)

    Move on. Now, the fastest way to get to the next part is simply walk up to the gate, chant the spell line,wait, go through, see the goblins, close the gate, then Lorag will tell you to use the gate to kill the Goblins.

    All of them. The Gate is powered by the Hate of Khare, all the cruelty. It's why the Red Eyes can burn people with their eyes.

    Or you can open the gate, look around, look behind you, close the gate. Fight the goblins, fight Sansas, then Lorag will teleport you past the gate and the same thing happens.

    or if you really, really want to, you can flub the spelllines even if you know them, fight Sansas and a bunch of Goblins (or cast JIG, fight 1-2 and run) and Sansas, and Lorag will give you the option of ZEDding back in time or going on with him haunting you in place of a god.

    Personally, I suggest flubbing and resetting. Coming here a second time gives you more information about the plot, not just you, gentle reader, but the Analander will know as well. You can also destroy Slangg's temple and redirect the wolves to the goblins. This is also the only way to know that Vik and Vangorn are brothers AND kill him if you let him poison you and tell him you know Vik the first run, and kill him the second. You'll take back the items, food, gold, weapons, and magic items, but you won't keep Courgas, that will go back to your Animal Spirit unless you do the Temple ritual again. It will cost 2 max hp. This can be gained in S3, and there's a benefit in the TAR Tower in S4 if you have 19 or less max HP anyways.
  16. Kaboobie

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    Apr 28, 2015
    I have tried everything I can think of and can't get off the ship without ruining my papers. Has anyone else succeeded in Game +1?
  17. simplefrog

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    Oct 8, 2017
    #257 simplefrog, Oct 8, 2017
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    I know this question has been asked before, but has anyone succeeded in getting Vangorn to poison you, giving you the Black Facemask with some gold, and subsequently kill him to obtain the Poison and Essence of Bark?

    All without turning back time?

    I asked this because in one of my saved games I was given the choice of attacking Vangorn after I got the Black Facemask (Instead of just leaving his home), but was unable to replicate it in other games. I am not sure what are the conditions to achieve this.

    EDIT: This apparently had something to do with the player's personality. Unfortunately without hacking the game's stats (Possible if its the steam version), I can't figure it out.

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