Solaris: rover expedition

Can your custom-designed rover make it across the rough terrain of Mars? Calling all engineers, future NASA techs, robo…
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Can your custom-designed rover make it across the rough terrain of Mars? Calling all engineers, future NASA techs, robot builders, space lovers, and sci-fi adventurers - you have been assigned to the Solaris Rover Expedition. If you dream about going on a mission to Mars or exploring outer space, you’ll be over the moon about this game! Not quite a racing game, Solaris Rover Expedition is all about which custom-built rover can go the distance across the rough and rocky terrain of the planet. The challenge is to construct a vehicle that is rugged enough to handle various obstacles, from navigating over loose rubble, to maneuvering across crevasses and canyons and getting out of tight spots. Whether your space robot is exploring the surface of the moon or Mars, get ready to put your skills and creativity to the test! The only limit is your imagination - step away from the conventional and make your rover as weird and oddly-shaped as you want. Simply draw the outline of your space vehicle with your finger, add up to 6 wheels (which can be resized) and the antenna, and then take your craft out for a test ride. Need a little help? Try one of the power-ups to either hover up or get a boost of speed forward. Not going as far as you’d like? Start from scratch and try a new design! Playable in either single player or multiplayer mode, see how your rovercraft measures up against others, and earn points while you’re at it. You can then use those points to enter the weekly tournament for a little extra challenge and competition. This space adventure game is great for all ages - kids and adults alike will have a blast testing out their different ideas against the cool outer space backdrop. Every rover will react to the environmental elements differently, so play around and compare your designs to other rovers in multiplayer mode. You might just pick up some new ideas! So, are you ready to go the distance? Become a fan on Facebook Follow us on Twitter:!/FanStudioUK Questions or Comments? Visit our website at or contact us at [email protected]
Genre:Arcade, Simulation, Role Playing
Release:Dec 15, 2015
Updated:May 26, 2016
Size:150.0 MB
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