Music Jack Lite

Now You Can Add Your OWN MUSIC to this Exciting, Challenging & Unique Time-Based Scrolling Game!

***Why Mus…
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Now You Can Add Your OWN MUSIC to this Exciting, Challenging & Unique Time-Based Scrolling Game!

***Why Music Jack?***
Do you love listening to your favorite music on your mobile device? Are you searching for an exciting and unique game that will keep you entertained and interested? Then you’ll love Music Jack!

***About Music Jack***
Music Jack lets you select songs from your device’s library, which then become the soundtrack to a super addictive and fun time-based scrolling game. A longer song means a lengthier level, and the game’s speed is directly linked to the type of music. For example, songs with a fast dance beat speed up the game, while songs with a more relaxed vibe slow down the game.

***Collect Musical Elements***
Regardless of whether you’re playing a fast or slow game, you’ll need to rely on sharp, finely-tuned reflexes to score points and collect “Musical Elements”, which activate power-ups and score multipliers.

**Watch Out for Obstacles & Dark Music***
To add even more excitement, you’ll also need to steer clear of the Dark Music, which is constantly hunting you down. You must also avoid various obstacles -- including asteroids -- that, upon impact, reduce both the scoring multiplier and speed, and allow the Dark Music to catch up faster. Fortunately, if you do a good job of collecting Musical Elements, you can use them to keep the Dark Music at a distance.

***Great Sound Effects & Graphics***
You’ll also love Music Jack’s excellent sound effects and graphics. It totally takes you to another world -- one that will keep you playing hour after hour (don’t say we didn’t warn you about how addictive the game is!)

***Check the High Scores***
You can also check high scores to see how you compare to your friends, and to other Music Jack players from around the world.

***Questions? Comments?***

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Release:Feb 13, 2015
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