Universal [Soft Launch] Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer (by Spike-Chunsoft)

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    [Soft Launch] Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer (by Spike-Chunsoft)


    The below is a rough translation about this game info in the Japan App Store.


    An originator RPG that can be played 1000 times appears on the smartphone!

    ◆ Story
    Where the golden condor hates ....
    It is said that there is a visionary golden village.
    There are men who are called "Fukajin" who continue their journey in search of this Golden Town.
    And many people came to hear that the Golden Village is the top of Table Mountain, "The Land of the Sun".
    But no one has reached it yet.

    ◆ With the dungeon of wonder
    Shiren's challenge is a mysterious dungeon that changes the shape of the map every time it enters!
    As the shape of the map and the arrangement of tools and monsters also change, different situations are generated each time even in the same dungeon, and you can always play fresh feelings!
    Let's overcome various obstacles in front of Shiren, such as formidable monsters and dangerous wastes, with player's wisdom and experience!


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    Would be so great if they'd release the English translated version of this!

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