Universal [Soft Launch] Marble Adventures (by Chilltime)

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    Hello everyone, let me introduce you to Marble Adventures! (Early Access)

    URL: https://apps.apple.com/pt/app/marble-adventures/id1394591220

    Marble Adventures is a casual skill-based puzzle game, with a creative story of adventure, singleplayer and multiplayer modes. Here you help the adventurer Leo and his team overcome different challenges and defeat really strong enemies along the way.

    In Single Player, you will help Blue, an adventurer Marble, to overcome skill-based challenges and defeat bosses. Complete each stage to unlock new pieces of this incredibly fun and compelling story, as well as battle bosses that will use special powers against you. Play this rewarding and fun game, that will lead you forward inside the story of our heroes.

    If you prefer a competition, the Multiplayer Arena mode is here for you! Invite up to 5 friends to play, use your best moves and conquer the first place in our worldwide leaderboard! You can even give it a twist by throwing spider webs, smoke, whirlwinds, and much more into your rival’s boards creating chaos that will help you win this puzzle race.

    Please, give it a try and send some feedback. Thank you!

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