Heroes of Havoc

Sunrise Games Ltd
Victory is only a tap away! Now is Your Time… gather your fighters, unlock their powers and guide them to become legen…
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Victory is only a tap away! Now is Your Time… gather your fighters, unlock their powers and guide them to become legendary heroes! When Havoc reigns, only YOU can save the Realm in this fantasy adventure from the world of Might & Mayhem! Welcome Master, to Heroes of Havoc, the RPG that combines clicker controls with amazing 3D graphics! Sending your heroes into battle couldn’t be simpler. Just give the command and your epic party will march into combat, slaying monsters, earning XP and collecting loot while you upgrade your heroes and reap the rewards. CONQUER the Realm and BATTLE through an endless campaign, daily challenges and special missions COLLECT over 50 heroes with over 200 unique abilities CRUSH your opponents in the ONLINE PvP arena, rise through the seasonal LEADERBOARDS to win unique heroes and gear. EVOLVE and UPGRADE your heroes to unlock their skills DEFEAT epic bosses in the Elite Campaign and add them to your squad LOOT enemies for powerful equipment and relics that bestow your heroes with new powers Play Your Way Engage the enemy by levelling up your fighters and equipping new loot during missions, or put your phone down, kick back and eat a sandwich. Your team does all the work, saving the Realm while you savour the sweet taste of victory… YUM! Build the Ultimate Team Select your chosen warriors for each mission, each of them bringing up to 6 skills into battle. There are over 50 heroes to collect, letting you strategically mix and match from different classes with more than 200 unique abilities to destroy your foes. That’s a total combination pool of (50!)/(4!*46!) which is frankly math on a level we don’t understand and can’t even attempt without a calculator! Simple Mechanics Meet Superior Graphics Hands down the best visual fidelity in the genre, Heroes of Havoc gives you a simple, immersive RPG experience that never sacrifices quality.
Seller:Sunrise Games Ltd
Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Jun 08, 2016
Updated:Nov 14, 2017
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