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Do you enjoy addictive high-speed runners that test both your reflexes and your accuracy? Does your idea of the perfect …
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Do you enjoy addictive high-speed runners that test both your reflexes and your accuracy? Does your idea of the perfect summer involve hot days and water fighting chaos? If so, then you’re going to love SOAK, the game that allows you to relive the fun of summer all year long!

Dash through the levels at top speed taking care to avoid the water bombs and streams of water fired at you by your enemies. You never know where they might be hiding, so you’re going to have to run fast and jump, duck, and dodge! This is where your reflexes will really be put to the test because you need to stay dry.

But don’t worry; it’s not all about dodging splash attacks! You’ll be armed with your own supply of ammunition with which to shoot at your enemies. You can launch balloons and shoot water guns to disarm your opponents and take them down, so make sure your aim is good and your reactions fast!
• Avoid obstacles and escape from the traps!
• Collect balloons to fire at your enemies!
• Collect keys, powerups, and coins to buy new powers at the shop!
• Choose from a variety of colorful characters!
• Challenge friends and see who can get the best highscores!

With a number of levels in colorful HD, you’ll experience a range of different environments and terrains. Race down the main road of a busy city or take it off-road and tear up the parks and gardens. If you’re feeling particularly daring then you can even put your parkour skills to the test with some freerunning over the roofs of the city! Just take care to watch your footing!

Remember that it’s not just your enemies that you need to look out for. The levels are full of obstacles just waiting to catch you out, such as traffic cones, hedges, and moving cars! You can avoid these by jumping over them or using your exceptional dodging skills to remain safe. The longer you stay on your feet and the more points you collect, the more weapons and characters you will be able to unlock.
With swipe and slide controls, SOAK is both easy and fun to play! Its playful, colorful graphics make it suitable for kids of all ages; boys and girls alike. This is the wettest, slipperiest arcade game out there, so what are you waiting for? Download SOAK today to help and avenge the girl!.
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Mar 27, 2015
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