Snappy Word on Apple Watch (by Right Pedal Studios)

Discussion in 'Upcoming iOS Games' started by Johnno, Apr 14, 2015.

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    Coming April 24, 2015

    Snappy Word is a fast paced word game that is simple to learn and fun to play. Race the clock to make as many 4 letters words as you can. Play against friends or other Game Center players in real time to see who can make the most words in 30 seconds.

    Supports Apple Watch so you can play a quick game anywhere, anytime to sharpen your brain!

    - Play on your Apple Watch.
    - Real time player versus player mode.
    - Compete against friends or other Game Center players from around the world.
    - Game Center leaderboards.
    - Dictionary of over 3,900 words.

    - ItÂ’s free to download, ad supported with a single IAP to turn off ads.

    Yes, it looks like Four Letters. When I saw their game I let PikPok know that I had this in development so they didn't think I was cloning them. I've known the guys at PikPok for years and love their stuff - so the last thing I would want is for them to think I ripped them off. Hopefully being on the Apple Watch and having real time versus mode against other players will make a difference!

    With the rumours of an Apple Watch swirling around I knew this was a device I wanted to make games for. So I started to learn Swift and compiling a list of game ideas that could work on the Watch. When the Watch was officially announced and the WatchKit SDK was released I sat down and worked through which ideas could work with the initial SDK.

    Four buttons were an obvious layout on the Watch screen size. I am a big fan of word games and had made a number of them over the years from Word Shake on PC to a bunch of mini-games in my Brainiversity game series. The four button layout lent itself perfectly to the idea of making four letter words as rapidly as you can.

    I built a quick prototype at the end of January 2015 on the Watch and it was fun to play. I used my existing word lists from my Brainiversity word games, so the game came together very fast.

    Most of the time was spent waiting for the announcement of when the Apple Watch would come out. So in the meantime I built out the App version to include real time multiplayer game play and added some cool stats. The versus mode lets you compete in real time against friends and other Game Center players from around the world.



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    I'm getting my Apple Watch on launch day so will definitely download this :)

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