Universal SnapHappy (By Brik6)

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    Check the game preview here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNCdVktV8uA

    How good are you at spotting differences and hidden objects? How short or long is your attention span? What about your short term memory? Get ready for all those skills to be tested, and much more!

    SnapHappy is new and one of a kind puzzle game, it's challenging and takes a lot of different skills to play. The game starts easy and gets harder as you play.

    The game features lots of picture puzzles to play and solve, with varying difficulty levels, making it playable by everyone. Also, You will earn special powers for completing and finishing puzzles - use them to help you when it gets tough!

    If you like puzzles and picture games you'll definitely love SnapHappy!

    Have fun!

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