Snake Puzzle - new vector in puzzle games!

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    It is completely new frantic puzzle and fun wrapped up in one. Moreovere it is a new vector in puzzle games! OrDo Game is inspired by the classic good old Snake and match 3-in-one. If you’re a fan of either genres, then this game will be a treat.
    As its name suggests, OrDo Game is based on ordering the game elements.
    In 180 unique levels you will have not only connect all the same elements, but you will collect the snakes, maneuver them, find like-colored places to each snake, and all while not making your snakes be blocked.
    While the game starts off quite easy, it does get quite challenging as you progress. Overall, the most levels are extremely difficult. It is as if the developers wanted to make sure it was nearly impossible to replace all the elements. It’s important to make sure that you effectively connect all the elements for collecting the snake. There are no helpful hints, so if you get stuck, you are on your own. It’s frantic, challenging, and fun.
    OrDo Game include:
    - A completely NEW puzzle game
    - Non-stop fun in a wide variety of interesting re-playable levels
    - Amazing power-up for the first release – OrDo Logic!
    OrDo Game is available for download in both free (Lite) and full (Premium) versions from the following links:


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