Smorgi mood sharing app. Need feedback on themes, logos, ads, etc. Please Help.

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    Jul 18, 2012
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    This is my first post. My brother and I developed a emoticon mood sharing app called Smorgi. It is our very first app and we wanted to get some feedback on a couple of different aspects of it so that we know how to improve it.

    Since it is our first app, we tried to keep it simple, very simple. Right now, you can open the app, select one of the custom designed emoticon faces, write in your status associated with that mood, and upload to Facebook. We don't require any profile or signing in (except the facebook login when sharing). We did this because we are just learning amazon databases and didn't want to have too much data to store etc.

    We added a few custom emoticon themes (vampires, aliens, and robots) in our second version to give it a little depth, but are still trying to keep it simple.

    So as you can see, pretty simple, but we have questions on how to make it better.

    1. Should we add ads? Right now the app is free and we aren't making any money because we don't have ads either.

    2. Is a solid user base more important than ads at this point? We don't really have enough users to make money anyways.

    3. Is the UI understandable or easy to use? We created swiping pages for the different themes, then just basic scroll up and down to see all the faces.

    4. Are there any major "moods" that we are missing? We tried to think of the ones that covered the most emotions.

    5. What do you think of the logos and icon?

    6. Are there any themes that you think might be cool for us to add? Right now I am working on Zombies.

    7. Any other simple features that might be cool to add (ie stuff that doesn't require heavy database usage)

    Here are some images of our app:

    Anyways, we are just starting up so we know any feedback would be valuable. Thanks a lot.


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