Smashing Zoo

Alexander Urik
Enjoy the most creative & unique smashing object games with Smashing Zoo! You are not using a hammer or dynamites, but…
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Enjoy the most creative & unique smashing object games with Smashing Zoo! You are not using a hammer or dynamites, but a gun with animal-shaped ammo. Imagine the fun of seeing elephants, sheep, or other animals pop out of your guns and hit the objects with crazy funny animal sounds. You should also hit the flying birds with your ammo because the birds will give you a lot of coins and additional ammo or bonus guns to use. So exciting and addicting! If you are looking for stress relief or anxiety relief game, try our smashing game! Hitting or destroying objects can be very fun and cathartic. Aside from destroying the objects, you can also hunt birds and enjoy laughing as you see the funny scenes of animal-shaped ammo popping out and hitting blocks. FEATURES OF SMASHING ZOO – BRICKS CRUSHER: Unlock Various Animals: Earn coins when you make the bricks fall off or hitting the flying birds. Use the coins to unlock various animal-shaped ammo. You can unlock cow, cat, donkey, rabbit, sheep, elephant, ostrich, or hog. Bird Hunting: There are many birds, ducks, or pheasants flying around annoying you and distracting you. Hit all of them with your gun and earn many coins or ammo. They are very valuable so get’em all! Upgrade Weapons! Don’t just use the ordinary gun. Use your coins to buy stronger and more powerful weapons that can deliver extremely powerful shots to the bricks and clear difficult levels easily. Unlock cannon, shotgun, grenade, or a machine gun. To use special weapons with special ammo, prepare to buy them with coins. Enjoy 300+ levels in the game! Enjoy playing all 300+ levels we have created. We will keep adding new levels and new features to Smashing Zoo so stay tuned for our updates. All levels are FREE! Awesome Graphic & Smooth Game Control. We spend a lot of time creating a funny, colorful, and great game graphics for your enjoyment. The game control is also very simple and smooth. Learn how to play Hit Smash Zoo: Aim your gun and shoot out the animal-shaped ammo to hit the object or the flying birds. You get coins when you make the bricks fall off or when you hit the birds. Keep hitting the objects until they are completely destroyed. You begin with 4 levels that have no time or ammo restriction. This is your chance to learn the rope and to hit as many birds as you can. More birds mean more coins that you can use to unlock animals or weapons and to buy ammo for your weapons. After you collect 4 stars, you will enter Special Levels which are more challenging. Some of them limit your time to destroy the objects, and on some levels, you only have very limited ammo. If you manage to pass the Special Levels, you can go to bird hunting levels when you can get as many bonuses as you can if you shoot the birds. What are you waiting for? Try Hit Smash Zoo now and enjoy destroying objects with your skill! Love the game? We really need your support. Please rate our game or leave a review on the Appstore!
Seller:Alexander Urik
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Oct 24, 2020
Updated:Oct 25, 2020
Size:150.2 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal