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A ridiculously fun game that’ll make you smarter. Wondering what it takes to pump your brain muscles and unleash your t…
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A ridiculously fun game that’ll make you smarter. Wondering what it takes to pump your brain muscles and unleash your true genius? Two words — “Smart Brain”. Smart Brain is a free, addictive, and ridiculously amusing brain game with numerous tricky puzzles and brain teasers to battle your wits. With hundreds of levels and different game modes, Smart Brain will sharpen your logic, creative thinking, focus, and judgment just like a samurai swordsmith. We know what you're thinking now: "Pffft, I'm a puzzle prodigy — just bring it on!" Hey, hey — hold on your horses, mate. If you think it’s that easy-breezy to solve, you probably need to think again.We don't blame you for that, it's not your regular easy game — it's the ultimate brain test. You’ve to break free from normal thinking and come up with something absurdly creative, something that pops your brain out, something that makes your brain sweat, something that makes your neurons wiggle. Can you do it? Are you a “Smart Brain”? Yes, you are?! So just play the game and prove your intelligence to the world. Smart Brain — The Amusing Puzzle Game For All Ages. - Hundreds of tricky puzzles, brain games, teasers to solve. - Unlock exciting new game modes. - Unique and quirky levels that you’ll find nowhere else. - Work your creative problem solving and pump those logical muscles. - Boost lateral thinking and challenge your IQ. - Will make you focus on minute details, enhance observation. - Will blow your mind with out-of-the-box solutions. - Challenging enough to make grown-ups think on. - Fun enough to make everyone laugh. - Stimulate your brain for a healthy mind. Amazing, isn’t it? Of course, it is! Whether you’re a math puzzle buff, riddle, and brain teaser admirer or just enjoy playing sudoku and word puzzle games — this game is gonna make you pump your hands in the air and scream out in satisfaction every time you pass the levels. Holy cow — this sounds exactly like the brain game you were looking for! If there is questions contact us [email protected] Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:
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