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    Hey everyone!

    I would like to share about the upcoming game that WhiteSponge is working on - Small Chronicles!

    What kind of game is it exactly?
    Super small stages + Turn-based Strategy JRPG? That’s what Small Chronicles is!

    Defeat monsters, gain experience! Learn new skills and acquire items to power up your characters! Plan your moves wisely as each wrong move can result in a defeat! As you progress through the game, you will unlock new worlds, new monsters, new bosses and new power up items!

    All of these are in the attempt to help your main character, Kon, save his sister who has been abducted by unknown evil monsters!

    Small Chronicles Chapter 1 – Key of Light and Darkness will be available in both English and Japanese for the initial release!

    Key Highlights

    Ω Venture into the world of Arystonia as Kon or Lyea, each with their own unique skill sets and story that intertwine with each other

    Ω Engage in combat against other players, win trophy stars and for a spot in the top leagues for the awesome ruby rewards!

    Ω All-New equipment growing system that allows your equipment to become better as you use them more in your journey throughout Arystonia

    Ω Unlock easter eggs for hidden secrets, characters or new perspective on the story and lore behind the world of Arystonia

    Ω Enjoy the original Japanese voice-overs while the characters tell their perspective of their journeys

    Additionally, Duncan McPherson, the sound designer and composer of both Terra Noctis and Spell Sword, is also the music composer for Small Chronicles!

    Sneak Screenshots



    Chapter 1 is available now!
    Get it for FREE now from ! Remember that only the first 888 people to download the game will get FREE 500 rubies!

    Questions asked
    Please feel free to ask questions or share opinions as it is also a learning journey for me too. I will consolidate the questions asked (and my reply to them) here so everyone can view them easily :D

    Follow @SmallChronicles on Twitter or like Small Chronicles at Facebook for up to the minute updates on Small Chronicles!

    You can also follow @WhiteSponge on Twitter or WhiteSponge at Facebook for up to the minute updates on WhiteSponge!

    I will also update this thread regularly with Small Chronicles' development and design progress!

    For now, check out the official teaser trailer for Small Chronicles!

    And the launch trailer for Chapter 1 (Kon's version)! Enjoy!

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    Apr 15, 2012
    It looks really cool! I especially like your art style from the teaser trailer. :)
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    Thanks! I'm glad that you like it ! :D
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    [Update - August 29th]
    Hey everyone here's another update on the progress of Small Chronicles! :D

    Currently there is heavy focus on the skills system of Small Chronicles. The skills learning and points system has been completed.

    Skills in Small Chronicles are mainly divided into active (left half of the skills) and passive (right half) skills.


    At the moment, the animations for the various active skills and the unique mechanisms behind the various skills are being crafted.

    What's next in line?
    Once the animations and mechanisms for the skills are done, the next step of crafting Small Chronicles will definitely be the implementation of items that your character(s) can equip to power up!

    This is all in the name of creating a fun experience for anyone playing Small Chronicles!
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    Apr 15, 2012
    Woah, that looks really awesome! :O I didn't think that this game would have such an advanced skill system. Good luck on implementing items. :)
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    hahaha thanks! Yea that is part of the RPG aspect of it :D

    Thanks for the continuous support Kelvin!
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    [Update August 31st]

    Some of the skills for the main character, Kon, has been done. So I created a short video log to showcase some of them.

    Please feel free to comment and give your opinions on the game or video as I'm always looking for ways to improve :D

    Thanks a lot!
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    [Update 1st September]

    Just a screenshot from the video showing one of the skills :D

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    [Update September 4th]


    Most of the active skills have been completed. The mechanism and animation for them are done and looking great!

    What you saw above is the result of an active skill called Charge which stuns the target for a turn! :D

    The remaining skills are mostly passive ones which adds a new dimension of fun into Small Chronicles!

    [What's next?]

    Implement items that your character will be able to use or equip!

    And as always, please feel free to give me your opinions or how I can better improve the game!

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    Glad that you like it!

    Will be posting another update soon on the progress of the game :D
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    [Update September 7th]
    Completed most of the skills! Now moving onto implementing the items and powerups that characters can use in Small Chronicles!

    Check the video below on a short compilation of some of the skills :D

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    Thanks! More updates coming soon! :D
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    Check out Small Chronicle's main protagonist's character profile! :D

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    [Update September 15th]


    Items are currently still being implemented. On top of that, there's something new in Small Chronicles too!

    Yes you guessed it! See that orange ball/orb thing in the screenshot?

    That's a blessing!

    Blessings are a sort of buff items on the battlefield! When a character moves onto the tile it occupies, the character gets blessed and receives temporary bonuses!

    Most of the blessings in Small Chronicles add stat bonuses to characters. There are a few special blessings in Small Chronicles too!

    But guess what...

    there's something between blessings and monsters too :D
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    definitely :D
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    To answer your question, here's an update for you!


    Yes that's right! Small Chronicles now takes full advantage of the iPhone 5's 4 inch display!

    More visuals and more gameplay! More fun! :D
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    Definitely! I will update this thread at once when Small Chronicles goes into the testing phase! :)

    For the time moment, follow @WhiteSponge or check out and like WhiteSponge at Facebook for the latest updates :D
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    Oh I forgot to mention that Small Chronicles will be available in both English and Japanese for the initial release :)
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    Update September 28th


    I'm here with another update on Small Chronicles! As seen from the screenshot,items in Small Chronicles have been implemented!

    There are many different types of items that you can use! Items that when equipped give stat bonus or items that can be used to aid your characters in battle!

    The current focus is on finalizing blessings and how you can interact with them.

    Next on the list to be implemented in Small Chronicles is the store! Think of it as a NPC shop where you can buy equipment and potions using gold earned from battles! Except that you don't need to walk back or teleport to town to do so!
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    thanks! That's the style I'm going for Small Chronicles :D

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