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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by rIcHrAnDoM, Nov 24, 2008.

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    Nov 17, 2008
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    The update has been submitted by Full Control Aps, and now Apple has taken it out of the Appstore. I contacted the developer viatheir website and they promptly responded that they would contact Apple and to be ready for all they have in store for the game, and were interested in public input to update more.
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    Oh, sorry, I completely missed this post!

    Just wanted to explain the situation in full, well, as much as we know anyway. Basically the deal is; we have absolutely no idea what happened! The game have been gone for almost a week now without any explanations from apple.

    We submitted an update and that just somehow removed it from the store, not only from the store, it's completely gone from itunes connect (the developer interface thingy where you enter all the information about your apps etc). We are pretty sure it's "just" a bug in the system rather than it being intentionally removed...

    We also did call apple on Monday, but the only reply we got then was "That's strange, please call back next week".

    The update is still showing as "In review", so our hope is that once it goes live it will return to the store, but we honestly have no idea, and neither of that changes the fact that we've missed out on a week worth of sales (just as it was starting to gain some momentum too! *sigh*). We were expecting the update to go live sometimes during the week, but I guess everything got delayed a bit with thanksgiving (don't think anything at all got approved yesterday).

    In either case... hopefully, hopefully, hopefully the update will get approved soon and it'll all get sorted, but all we can do right now is hope I'm afraid. (and call Apple again Monday if it's still not sorted).

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