Slot Life - Haunted Mansion

Welcome to Gowan Manor! Come to play Slot Life - Haunted Mansion, where the slot machines and the adventure mixes in an …
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Welcome to Gowan Manor! Come to play Slot Life - Haunted Mansion, where the slot machines and the adventure mixes in an addictive game with beautiful graphics and great gameplay!

Max has regained consciousness in a dark room of the Gowan Manor, an enchanted place where many people have disappeared. Terrible dark powers have brought him here to destroy his mind and join him to the victims list. Max has to survive until morning because the house can only keep him while during the night. Gowan Manor lose the supernatural powers when the sun rises in the skyline.

Slot Life - Haunted Mansion is a slot machine game which has been developed to be as faithful as possible to the real one. You will be able to take advantage from advances and wheel holds to improve your prizes. You have 2 machines to play (one lower with basic prizes and one upper with the best ones). Enjoy 4 exciting mini games like:

• The Abandoned Lab: Rub the screen to clean the bottles to discover what prize is inside.
• Dark Encounter: Shoot the enemies before they reach to your position.
• The Seek: Explore the mansion and make decisions about different game events.
• A Safe Place: Open the doors to increase your investigation points but beware with the hidden ghost!

Try to get all the achievements given by the game and find your place in the global ranking with ultimate survivors!


• You have to 2 interconnected slot machines to play with!
• Beautiful graphics and effects for Retina Display!
• The game has an ending! Help Max to escape from Gowan Manor and try to get as many Investigation points as you can!
• You can take advantage from the advances and holds system in the lower machine.
• Use the keys collected in the lower machine to play in the upper one making multiple bets to get the best prizes in the game even the Jackpot!
• Make decisions in different game events to double or negate their effects.
• Random negative and positive event generator in The Seek mini game make the situations different every time you play the game.
• Play 4 different mini games where you can improve your score!
• The mysterious soundtrack, fx and mini games will bring you to a dark and immersive environment while exploring Gowan Manor.
• Intuitive game system. Easy to learn.
• Global Ranking in Game Center and OpenFeint. Join to the survivor list when you escape from Gowan Manor.
• Achievements system. Are you sure you can collect all the slot machine prizes?


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The iPad version was ranked #1 Casino Game in USA, Canada & Mexico and featured as "New & Noteworthy", "What's Hot" and "What we're playing" by Apple!


User Reviews:

"Easily the best iOS slot machine. The graphics are really nice but it's the features that are fantastic, map pieces to uncover, enemies to shoot, bottles to rub, doors to open, there's so much to see and do here, which is why it's so easy to recommend if your looking for a slot machine for your iOS device then look no further this is the one you should be playing. Brilliant work by the dev's 5*s."

"This is simply fantastic and by far the best slot machine I've played on the app store. Has loads of features and minigames it really is brilliant. I've tried loads of other slot machine game apps but none of them ever have anything else to do other than spin the reals. Amazing work on a fantastic game. I'll be recommending this all round. Very cool."

"Have been playing this for a bit and first impression are...SUPER ADDICTIVE !!
You wouldn't think slots and an adventure game would mix but it does, creating a very addictive game.
The graphics and sound are really good and the gameplay is simply great !
It's hard to put down but i really had to write this review and take my virtual hat off :)
Amazing game ...recommended !!!"
Genre:Adventure, Casino
Release:Sep 17, 2012
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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Compatibility:HD Universal