Slot Life - Classic [Classic Slot Machine lovers!]

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    Hello all! =)

    Here are some screenshots and features description for Slot Life - Classic our next game! Enjoy! =)

    We have three more projects on the go so keep an eye out to our website!
    They will be announced soon!

    Let's play fruit machine! If you like slot machines you will love this one. Do you think you are lucky today? Go on then!

    Slot Life - Classic is a slot machine simulation game. Two slots in one! Try to get the highest prize by winning the Jackpot! You can play in the lower machine to win basic prizes and get BARs to bet in the upper one and win better prizes including the Jackpot. Use wheel advances and holds wisely to get the best prizes! Are you a classic slot machine lover? This is your game!


    * Slot machine game as faithful as a real one.
    * 2 Slot machines to play with!
    * Advances and wheel holds in the lower machine and multiple bets in the upper one.
    * Intuitive game system. Easy to learn.
    * Great casual gameplay!
    * Achievements system. Are you sure you can collect all the slot machine prizes?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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