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    Hello everyone, last Halloween me and my friends discovered a great photo video maker app! This app has a lot of cool themes available just for the festive season. We have very cool photo videos thanks to that app. I'm so excited that I have to come up here today to introduce everyone right away so I don't miss Christmas. Everyone is ready to open CH Play and immediately download the SLIDESHOW application to your phone! It's a bit of a pity that this application is only for those who use the Android operating system. For those who use iOS, wait for the next time I review another app!


    Stop posting plain and boring pictures on social media. Because you can do so much more with that Slideshow! Photo video is no longer a strange thing to us, but this is the time when it is becoming a hot trend, everyone. I would like to take TikTok as an example. That's why, don't be outdated, but quickly catch the trend of photo videos right away and always with Slideshow, everyone.

    Why do I say Slideshow application is sincere for this Christmas season:

    1. Lots of modern templates

    - Unlike normal applications, Slideshow has a more modern mindset in template design. The templates of this app I find are not colorful, not cheesy but very modern, youthful, simple and suitable for many different types of photos.

    - Create cool photo videos without spending any time editing and choosing music. The only thing you need to do is: Choose the photos you like and choose the appropriate template.

    2. Very cool and trendy music

    - The music of this app, I would like to rate it 100 points. The music isn't outdated, it's not country, it's all modern music and hits on the internet

    - The app's Christmas music set is also selected with modern mixes, not songs from the ancient period. Everyone, remember to try it!

    3. Unique Christmas theme

    - The themes of the app are designed specifically, not duplicate ideas anywhere. This also makes me quite surprised with such a free app

    - For the theme, people can choose the appropriate theme, choose the music themselves, adjust the slideshow time of the photos to suit the song. It's so convenient!


    I've been addicted to this app since Halloween, I use it a lot. Because not only the themes and templates of the new festive season are unique, but the normal content is also very impressive and trendy like the film theme, the fashion set that inserts any photo, is also beautiful. Or having a happy birthday theme is also very good, I make it for friends, everyone likes it. Slideshow is an app worth trying, especially during this Christmas season. Everyone download it now and experience it. App Slideshow on CH Play!

    Try it here:
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    It would be far better if you say here’s my app rather than the over the top fake ‘hey guess what I’ve just found !’ fake review
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