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    Hi! I'm one of the developers of Slider, the latest game created by PlayMedusa, the small development team I belong to. We've been in these forums before with Oddy Smog's Misadventure, which you seemed to like :D

    I'm proud to present a game that begun as a final degree project and turned up into a full fledged game. Gameplay is quick and challenging: keep the Grid clear by sliding through your enemies. Draw the best path, score up and survive! I hope you enjoy it.

    You can find both the free (with ads) and paid versions in its main site.

    I would love reading your comments! If enough people like it we would love adding more content and game modes.

    Three seconds until the shell blows your hull. Six enemies on the Grid, some protected by shields, one charged with energy and about to blow up.

    Two seconds. An item that increases the score multiplier appears. If the Pulse reaches the charged enemy the chain reaction will clear the grid, but you won't survive this time. Quick, think!

    One second. You set your path, a bit convoluted, but it will do, and your ship leaps forward, just a few milliseconds away from death. It slides through the Grid, through your enemies, through the powerup. Your score increases and you break your record.

    More entities appear, one shoots a homing missile. Three seconds until it blows your hull...

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