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    » Test your Slide Puzzle solving skills!
    » Have fun with the best rocket images, old and new.
    » Choose the next image! Difficulty increases with each level...

    Slide Puzzle Rockets is a classic slide puzzle game

    The theme is space rockets, with beautiful images of vehicles from around the world.
    A simple, yet additive game and pastime.

    Download from Google Play:

    - Each level increases in difficulty, with a higher number of subdivisions and scrambling on later levels.
    - You need to complete a level before you can try to solve the next one.
    - On each level you can check the completed image as a hint.
    - It's possible to reset the game and start fresh from level one.

    Features beautiful images of the Atlas, Falcon 9, Saturn I, Saturn Ib, Saturn V, Space Shuttle, Delta, Soyuz, PSLV, GSLV, Redstone, etc.

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