Slickest interface yet (Japanese Encylopedia) watch movies

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by mrbass, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Movie #1
    Notice how you scroll the index it's like a huge gigantic page you can easily navigate to.

    Movie #2
    This one shows you all text is jumpable (linked) and can be quickly pulled up.

    This puppy costs $22 but I'm thinking of getting it as it's such a well laid out behemoth of information 141MB of pure text.
  2. Ok was able to get this one and it's pretty sweet and bottom line is I like it quite a bit. Currently it's #6 in overall apps/games in Japan appstore (see screenshot) and I can see why. I finished my review on it and have a whopping 24 screenshots. I hope more developers copy this interface (imitation is flattery) for navigation. When I use Daijirin I feel like the world is instantly at my fingertips. I remember I flew once to San Francisco back in '84 I think it was and I went walking around the streets and saw those touch screen kiosks where you could get map info, real time baseball scores, etc. This kinda makes me feel like that again.

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    Works great if you know Japanese! :p

    (I wish I did, so I could play more Nintendo DS Japanese games :().

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