iPad Skysmash 1918 - Retina Display update!

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    Aug 26, 2010
    ***Skysmash 1918 - Retina Display update!***

    We are proud to announce our hit First World War scrolling shoot-em-up, 'Skysmash 1918' has recently been updated with full 'Retina Display' graphics.

    Already regarded as one of the best looking games in its genre, it now looks even better. Not just a cheap 'upscale & sharpen' job - every single sprite, background tile and image has been meticulously re-rendered to take full advantage of the screen and cram as much detail in as possible. We are very pleased with the results, and hope that you like them too. What better way to show off your new iPhone 4 or iPad screen?

    The update is of course, free for people who have already bought the game. In addition to that, to celebrate the new release, the price has also been dropped (for a limited time) to a mere 99c.


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