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    Skyscraper Money inc. - History
    In the game, we play the role of a skyscraper owner and try to develop it so that it generates the highest possible profits. We can set up businesses on subsequent floors, hire staff or improve existing businesses. In addition, for our efforts we are rewarded with the opportunity to sign a contract with more affluent investors. Thanks to this, we can receive further profits and improve our level.

    Hi, I've decided it's time to present the game project i'm currently working on. So some info about Skyscraper Money inc.

    Most of the logic has already been implemented and tested on several devices in the internal testing path. Currently, the game project is still being developed, but we are approaching beta testing. Anyone interested can sign up via the link to the tests that will take place soon (the exact time will be given soon). I invite you to sign up.

    Stay in touch and follow me!

    Some screens:

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