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    Skyline: Build – Create - Defend

    Skyline is an endless builder, stacker, and defender strategy game giving you complete creative freedom. Creating a unique combination of genres into a fun and challenging gaming experience.

    Skyline lets you create a skyline after your own imagination. Once created, you need to maintain it and keep your residents safe from havoc and disasters like earthquakes, lightning storms and meteor showers.

    Skyline is all about strategy
    Natures forces are unpredictable and each game will be different. Choose your strategy carefully as you go along, prioritizing your tasks and at the same time making sure to collect rent, doing maintenance work, putting out fires and expanding and upgrading your buildings.

    There are no building limitations, so it is up to you to decide which way to go when designing your skyline.

    Tons of achievements to unlock
    The ultimate goal is to become mayor of skyline. It’s going to take a lot of effort and a bit of luck. Compete with friends to create the biggest skyline.

    Skyline is guaranteed hours of fun
    No game is ever the same! Everything is random which gives Skyline great replay value. Grab this unique game and start to – BUILD, CREATE, and DEFEND your own SKYLINE!

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