Sky Wars Archon Rises (With $100 Promotional Code)

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    Apr 10, 2016
    Sky Wars Archon Rises

    The long awaited game has finnaly been released for both platform IOS & ANDROID

    And now comes with limited time promotional redeem code worth 100$ for a good kickstart

    after finishing the tutorial youll see a "Redeem" Button pops at the top right corner, push it and insert the code :
    (the code is case sensitive)

    if you cant find the button, just scroll the bottom toolbar and go into the settings and insert the code there
    Sky Wars Logo.png
    Download For Android : Click Here
    Download For iOS : Click Here

    Description :

    Build your empire in this gorgeous 3D Fantasy MMO Strategy Game. Raise an Army of Archangels, Fight against the Fallen Demons and lead your Alliance to a world-wide victory! Unite with players from all over the world to strategize and destroy enemy alliances to rule the heavens.
    ● Build and customize your city to reveal the mystery of Archon
    ● Skill your Archangel hero to increase his power and equip him with powerful artefacts
    ● Unlock and train Gorgeous 3D combat units
    ● Raise a powerful army to defeat your enemies
    ● Strategize your actions and raise your mighty empire to glory
    ● Fight in empire and alliance tournaments to win great rewards
    ● Join an alliance, conspire and execute strategies to take over the Throne and become a Mighty King
    ● Capture, tame, and control legendary Monsters and send them to battle to smite your enemies


    Join FCR alliance!
    Sincerly Yours
    Jonas :)

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