Sky Force 2014 Payment Model Discussion

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion and Questions' started by badmanj, Jun 5, 2014.

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    Sky Force 2014 Payment Model Discussion

    The gaming model for this sucks massively. No thanks - plenty of amazing games available right now that respect the customer far more than this does.
  2. Bouncy1973

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    Feb 9, 2012
    Oh... thank god a smartass has joined the conversation.
  3. I didn't think your post was that bad, but guess that user disagreed.
  4. Bouncy1973

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    Feb 9, 2012
    Thank you. We can all agree and disagree, but I won't have him/her telling me what to do.

    I have invested a fair amount of time and money on this game (which I think is great btw!), so I do think I have every right to be mad and complain. Obviously 'anotherkellydown' hasn't reached stage 7...
  5. Anotherkellydown

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    I apologize. I do see where you're coming from after having invested time and money on this. And you're right, I'm not to stage 7 yet. Wasn't my place to comment like I did...
  6. dancefirst

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    Mar 15, 2013
    Bravo for the civil response. Thank god this place still has some decency!
  7. Yeah, it does happen sometimes on a full moon.
  8. Bouncy1973

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    Feb 9, 2012
    Thank you, I appreciate it.
  9. Bronxsta

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    I started playing Sky Force earlier. And it's been kind of a love-hate relationship for me. Gameplay-wise, visually, this game is up there with the best shmups I've played on IOS. The graphics and aesthetic are fantastic. Sleek, vivid, vibrant, colorful, tons of great little details, stylish effects. The controls are smooth and responsive. The gameplay is thrilling and fast and satisfying.

    I love this game

    And yet at the same time, I'm on the verge of deleting it.

    Perhaps my suggestions, actually more of a plea really, is better presented with some background first. Maybe I'm an outlier or in a tiny minority of IOS gamers, but I don't play IOS games as a diversion or a distraction. If I'm going to play, I'm going to relax and enjoy an experience for 30 minutes, 40 minutes, an hour, maybe more. It's a hobby and passion, more than just way to pass the time on a bus ride home or between commercials

    So please why are these timers necessary? This kind of game, a shmup, a bullet hell game, at its core is a twitch reflex style game. Fight, progress, die, upgrade, repeat. It fosters that kind of one more go mentality. You get into a kind of flow, a groove, you get addicted.

    But the timers here, they just betray all that. They just disrupt that whole mentality of die, progress, die again, repeat. And it's just killing the whole experience for me

    Sure there's IAP to reduce one, but it's still there. And you still have to wait for weapons to upgrade. It just pulls me (and maybe others too), right out of the experience. I don't want to wait x amount of time to jump back into this wonderful game you crafted.

    So please, please consider adding IAP that removes the timers. Or better yet, some kind of bundle IAP that collects the effects of the ad remover, the doubler, and potential timer removers. Make it $7, $9, $10, or any kind of reasonable price. Please, consider that. The game as is can always be there for others, but please give us the options to experience the game in a way that doesn't betray the fundamental addictive nature of the genre.

    Sky Force is already a great game. This can only make it better experience.
  10. I agree with Bronxsta 100%.

    Please make the game more premium, then it would make it on my favorite shmups list.

    Right now, this game as Bronxsta said is borderline delete for alot of us.
  11. EuroNRG

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    Jun 7, 2014
    Nope, I am afraid you got it down to a T. The 95000 players requirement is NOT a bug, but a hurdle put in place by the developer so that we 'spread the word'.

    Well, I am not telling a single soul. I feel robbed!

    It's a great shame really, the game had great promise. It is probably because of all these 'issues' that it hasn't won game of the week anywhere.
  12. Yeah, I would help spread the word about this game too, but it has too much freemium riffraff.
  13. SheepVsGravity

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    Jul 20, 2012
    I must agree with the sentiments about the IAP as well. Great game, the timers have just killed the enjoyment for me.

    Perhaps I will check it out again in the future, but I deleted the app.

    Seriously, thanks for making such a great game, hope you can find a monetization strategy that works for your company.

    As a game developer myself, I know it's a tough environment these days, but I think your game is a top-quality product, that is worth a one-time unlock fee for it's dedicated fans
  14. EuroNRG

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    Jun 7, 2014
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    When are you guys at TouchArcade going to implement some sort of 'like' feature?? :mad:

    I want so much to like the above...:)
  15. *Like*
  16. ScotDamn

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    Another vote for premium unlock. Fully agree with the members above!
  17. Yeah, that should be common practice.
  18. MarsRover611

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    Jun 8, 2014
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    New to the forums, but agree with the others who posted earlier about wanting some kind if unlock to completely get rid of the timers. Otherwise this could be fantastic!
  19. swervdriven

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    This is the first time I've logged in in over two years. Signed in just to say this in hopes that the developer may read this.

    If the dev thinks that it is acceptable to have a level inaccessible to the player and totally out of their means to open it up outside of shilling for the devs on Facebook or their friends list... They are out of their damned minds.

    Maybe they should spend a little time playing games to see if they can remember what is fun about them and a little less time coming up with Byzantine monetization schemes.

    In fact as it stands, due to all the timer, star unlocking, and x amount of players bullsh*t, you can't even play this like a real shmup, from Lv.1 through Lv.7 to beat the game in a single "credit".

    They are missing the Forest for the trees here in a big way. They have a beautiful, enjoyable game and have put as many barriers to that enjoyment as they are willing to bet we will put up with. Great job, you found JUST the place before we delete your game in disgust! That's surely an achievement to be proud of!

    If the painfully ignorant Lv.7 requirements aren't lifted I'll be deleting the game. Not only that, but I actually WILL be motivated to spread the word about their game. I'll tell anyone who asks that this game is a POS that is so tied up in IAP/ Freemium BS that beating it through skill is impossible and that it should be avoided at all costs.

    I'll get off my soapbox and crawl back in my cave. Just had to say my piece after seeing a game I've liked so well for so long treated so poorly.
  20. metalcasket

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    You're absolutely right, the timers are fine.

    Look, contrary to what people believe, I'm still not an a fan of IAPs and I'm not an advocate of freemium bullshit, but times are changing and I've learned to accept the reasons why developers make choices like this. That doesn't mean I'll pick up 'n' play every single freemium game out there. Sure, I may try the ones that interest me, but in the end, nope...I literally do not have a single game on any of my devices (other than Sky Force 2014) that has a timer. **** timers. You wouldn't believe how much of an internal fight I had whether to delete Trials Frontier, for example...but in the end, it was just another pile of freemium turd. This not. Yes, even with the timers. Why? Please stick with me...okay?

    The thing most people don't understand is that the game essentially turns premium with the purchase of the 3 IAPs. No more ads, a much more fair rate of stars coming in and with the Plane Generator, you'll never run out of planes...which means you've gotten rid of any and all paywalls. HOWEVER, the game doesn't need a fourth IAP. Why? Because even though you can upgrade your ship at your own free will (by spending more stars, thus speeding up the timers), each incremental update does very little. There's no way in hell you'd be able to rack up enough stars to make a significant difference in the time it takes any of the timers to finish. Think about that. Sure, you could speed them up, but by putting these timers in place, whether aware of it or not, Infinite Dreams are basically encouraging people to play the game and earn stars rather than buy them.

    I wish more people would just take that $6 plunge and see how vastly different the game is without any roadblocks.

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