iPad Skip a Beat! First endless runner game that adapts to heart-rate

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    I am one of the developers of the "Skip a Beat" game from Amsterdam. The first game where you can use your heart-rate to control a flying frog using only your iPhone. We measure your heart-rate through the camera of your iphone and combine it with a fun endless runner.


    Having learned the secret of flying, Skip is a frog on a mission. He has to save his beloved princess Euphoria, dodging floating islands and aggressive birds. Filling his cheeks with air, Skip hops through the sky with his beating heart of love.


    ThatÂ’s where you come in: by tapping the screen you help Skip finding his way and avoiding obstacles. If your heart rate is in the right range (depending on the game mode) your score is multiplied. Keeping your heart rate up or down really makes the difference for your score.

    Here you can see a video of the latest gameplay

    We are a month away from launching and curious to hear what you think!

    Skip a Beat game
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    Humph! Wonder how this will be! Interesting for sure! Gonna keep an eye out for this and see how it plays and if it's any fun.
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    Thanks bigrand1. We will build a webplayer version tomorrow with simulated heart-rate so you can try it out if you'd like.

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