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    Create and modify your skins for Minecraft (PC/Mac version) in FULL 3D!!! With Skin Creator 3D for Minecraft, you modify your skin directly on the 3D image allowing you to see instant results. Using this app, you simply create your skin and use the upload button to upload your skin to, export it to your photo album, email it to others, or show it off on your Facebook or Twitter account.

    Summary of features:
    * Full 3D editing from any angle for the head, body, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, as well as all the skin accessories (hat, jacket, sleeves, pants). Since you are updating the skin in 3D, you'll see the results as you make changes.
    * Position the character parts (head, body, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg) at any angle and make modifications in place.
    * Modify the skin accessories in 3D while positioned over the corresponding part, allowing you to see it's effect instantly.
    * Optionally edit the skin and accessories in 2D if desired.
    * Modify the left and right arm independently.
    * Modify the left and right leg independently.
    * Copy between the left and right arms/legs (mirror image or exact copy).
    * Copy skin parts from one skin to another skin (complete flexibility).
    * Invert vertically or horizontally, any side of any skin part.
    * Modify accessories independently (head, body, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg).
    * Modify all the skin parts in 2D or 3D (including accessories).
    * When viewing or editing in 3D, show or hide each accessory independently.
    * Create skins from scratch or start with one of the included templates.
    * Copy a skin and make modifications without affecting the original skin.
    * Upload skins to from within the app (for use on Minecraft PC/Mac only).
    * Choose a background that looks similar to game play or choose a background that is a solid color (standard black, standard white, or choose a custom color).
    * Import skins from your photo album in either the legacy format of 64x32 or the new format of 64x64.
    * Export a skin formatted to be used on or export your skin as a 3D image from the angle you choose.
    * Share your skin on your Facebook or Twitter account from within the app.
    * Email your skin to yourself and/or friends.
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    Looks very cool !

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