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    SketchDungeon Lite is now available on the App Store!

    The Lite version is a demo of the popular full version currently on the AppStore Games Hot List. And it's Free to try!

    Check out http://sketchdungeon.com for more information.

    Top-down dungeon exploration, focusing on gameplay. Encounter bats, rats, and more as you fight your way deeper and deeper into the dungeon depths.

    Fight through the first handcrafted level of old school dungeon mayhem
    Real-time physics engine
    Unique Hand-drawn Sketch Animations
    Control your hero with the Accelerometer
    Tap to shoot where you want
    Strafing - Move one way, shoot another
    Utilize powerups - exploding arrows, banking shots, and more
    Zoom in and out while playing
    Particle explosions
    Fast OpenGL ES Rendering enables fluid animation and great gameplay

    GamePlay Video
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    Jun 10, 2009
    This is a really good game! I bought it when it first came out, and we play it regularly. Most of you would prob get thru the levels , but we're only on level 6. The new secret passage at the first level lets you jump to already completed levels, which is a real plus since before you had to restart at the beginning. Get the lite if you haven't tried it, trust me!

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