Skate King - a finger boarding game for iphone

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    What is Skate King?
    Skate King is a finger skateboarding game for the ipad and Iphone. The player will control a finger board (one of those old school finger skateboards that all the cool kids played with at school). Players will be able to choose their skateboard deck and whatever premade skate park they want to ride in. It will be a top down view so the player can focus on busting out all the tricks they can (you will be looking at the skate board deck and a few feet around the board and all times). We have created quite a few ramps and rails for the player to ride, as well as a half pipe, quarter pipe and a swimming pool to ride in.
    Since the game is on iPad and iPhone, players will be able to manouver the board like if it were a real skateboard, and they will be able to perform dozens of different flips and grinds on the ramps and rails. Players will get a score that will let them unlock more decks, trucks, and wheels to customize their board.
    Players can link multiple tricks together by using ramps and rails to perform long strings of tricks for a huge score

    We currently have licensing agreements with 6 skateboard companies to use their logos (Etnies, Etnies Plus, Emerica, ES Footware, Thirtytwo, and Altamont) and we are in negotiations with several other big skate companies for their logos as well as some of their skate decks (however some of them want a beta version of the game to play before they will sign on) But all of them are very interested in the game.

    We will be creating a skate park editor as well so a player can make their own park with all the available ramps and rails in the game. They will be able to play their skateparks as well as post them for their friends to play.

    We are planning on having a contest every week which will have the player make a timed run through a skatepark. The contest will go for a 24 hour period and int hat period the player gets a practice run to get a feel for the park. Then they have 2 runs to get the highest score they can. The player with the highest score at the end of the day wins the contest and gets a special skate deck as a prize

    Since a lot of the skate park assets are completed as well as the model for the skateboard, we are going to be going live on kickstarter in a few days, and the money from kickstarter will go towards hiring a programmer to put in all the functionality into the game. If we get enough money we can hire two programmers and it will get finished that much faster. Any extra money we can we can add more levels for players to choose from and add different kinds of ramps and different shaped rails

    we will be uploading a video soon of the levels and once we get a programmer we will be showing some of the gameplay for the game

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  2. Here are 2 of the skate parks we are working on right now

    here are 2 mock ups of some of the skate parks. They are in the 3d package we are using right now. We have most of the assets in the engine right now

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  3. we just submitted to kickstarter to hopefully get some funding. So be expecting a lot more content very soon. Hopefully we get all the funding we need and then some.
  4. Hey everyone, I just launched the game on today. I need to get the word spread about the game and I am hoping that you all can share it with your friends and help me get the funding I need to make this game a huge success. I have rewards for people that donate money for the game, and the good thing for the donators is that, if for some reason I don't reach my funding goals all the money gets returned to the donators. All the info about the game can be found by clicking on this link (or copy and pasting the link)

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you
  5. thank you . we are currently working on a prototype for the skateboard controls and should have a video of our progress very soon. We are trying to get the most responsive and realistic feel we can get.

    We are currently in a very heated debate deciding what would be better for the game; A completely top down view for the camera or more of a slightly tilted camera view. one that would allow the player to see ahead of them but still have the board in full view.

    Also we have a few design choices for the controls as well. If we implement a touch for the board to spin like a football, and a swipe to spin the board like a frisbee, would that be better then just having swipes for all the board spins, what would be better in your opinion?

    any opinions or comments?
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    We have canceled our kickstarter page for now and we are focusing on getting a small amount of funding through Indiegogo to help us with our last stage of development of the prototype. We are pretty close to finishing up the prototype and just need a bit more funding before we have a working version to show you all here is the link

    it would mean a lot to my company and I if you would check it out and help spread the word about our game and maybe even donate a few bucks

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    I'm kinda shocked no one has replied to this yet. Looks really amazing! Will it control similar to Touchgrind? Also, what's the latest ETA?
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    At a guess people are waiting for True Skate by True Axis... which I understand will be coming out pretty soon.
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    Which I am also extremely excited about, along with JCS2!

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