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    Sing It Say It is the latest social craze to hit 4G networks all over the world. Conjure up your best Sean Connery or Lady Gaga to impress your friends with on the spot impersonations. Sing It Say It is the only game gives YOU total control. YOU choose the quote for your friends to guess. YOU enter the title, and boomÂ…off to trivia heaven. Login through Facebook and go head to head with a friend to see how high you can go. Receive Streak Bonuses as you break records. Or battle in Multiplayer mode with a group, racking up points by being the fastest guesser in the group. Earn enough points and reap the rewards. Whether you can recall entire catalogs of song lyrics or recite classic movies from start to finish, Sing It Say It will keep you and your friends entertained for years to come.

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