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    Apr 23, 2019
    The offer is valid till May 26.

    Sing & Fly is a unique music game where you use the pitch of your voice in order to drive the spaceship. The goal of the game is to catch notes and avoid asteroids to fly for as long as possible.
    The spaceship moves up and down according to your singing pitch. To go up or down the spaceship, you should sing a note higher or lower. Sing the note you hear to catch it. It is easy to play and use.
    The game can detect the note sung, spoken, whistled or even shouted. The goal is not to make the loudest sound, but to hitting the right notes.
    Use AirPods or any other headphones and play in a quiet place so that other sounds do not interfere with the game.

    • Try innovation voice control!
    • Improve your musical ear!
    • Enjoy the fascinating game and get unique game experiences!

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