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    “An iPad game possibly as addictive as Angry Birds”
    Warren Stanley, Reviewer, Games Day Podcast​

    I’m pleased to announce the upcoming release of my iPad game ‘Sin or Win’. By day I work as a VFX artist on films. This is my debut game.

    In Sin or Win, cavemen tumble towards their fiery demise. To be a Winner the player must overcome a variety of evil adversaries to save the cavemen. To be a successful Sinner, tactical game play is everything before the cavemen perish.

    Sin or Win has been described as ‘addictive’, ‘awesome’ and a ‘must-see’. This casual physics arcade game challenges the player to respond with nimble fingers and quick wits. While playing you are encouraged to discover a variety of new game mechanics.

    Best Wishes,
    Jamie McCarter
    “Sin or Win” Game Designer, Coder, Artist

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    looks great!

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