Simple Sevens

Simple Sevens is the classic card game Sevens: a fun and easy card game, whether you're a kid or a grandparent. The goal…
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Simple Sevens is the classic card game Sevens: a fun and easy card game, whether you're a kid or a grandparent. The goal is simple: be the first one to play all of your cards! You do so by playing up or down the 7 of a suit. If you can’t play, then pass your turn. Played with 4 players.

*** NEW ***
The new "Super Button" gives you a chance to preview some of the neat features in "Super Sevens"! Pressing this button creates a random game with:
- 5 to 6 players (difficulty between Casual and Merciless)
- 6 as the midpoint card
- 6 or 7 suits (instead of the standard 4)

Simple Sevens can be just that: simple. Or it can be challenging! Play against:


-The Giver
-The Friendly
-The Sincere
-The Casual
-The Determined
-The Obnoxious
-The Merciless

All of them play with a different style, each offering a different degree of challenge. However, none of them know your cards, so if you lose, it's not to a cheating, vindictive computer!


-Just Play: Tap and go! All the computer opponents are set to a single difficulty level. Can you beat them all?

-Custom: Individually set each computer opponent to a difficulty level of your choosing.

-“Pass and Play”: By choosing a Custom game, you can also play against other humans in the same room on the same mobile device. Play against your family or a mix of friends and computer opponents.


-Easy Controls: Either double tap or drag your cards to play.

-Hint Button: Unable to see a valid move? Press the “Pass Button” 5 times and a “Hint Button” will appear. Then press that to highlight a playable card you might have skipped over.

-See Who’s Winning: Check the “Player Info” popup and tap on a player to see how many times they’ve passed, how many cards they have left, and how close they are to winning!

-Stats: See how many times you’ve placed first, second, third, or fourth.

-Deep Stats: See how well you’ve fared against a certain computer difficulty.

-Multiple Users: Simple Sevens supports up to 4 different users.

-Resume Saved Game State: If you fully exit Simple Sevens during a game, when you return, you can choose to finish your game if you’d like to.


Play the game the way you want to:

-Card Speed: From slow to lightning!
-Table Color: Green, gray, blue, red, gold, orange, or purple
-Screen and Menu Speed: From slow to quick
-“Just Play” Difficulty: From “The Giver” to “The Merciless”

*** ! EASTER EGG ! ***

Follow the ThumbSnails for a preview of some of the features of “Super Sevens”! Play a game with 6 suits, an 8 as the midpoint, and 5 players.

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