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    App Tittle : Simple Guitar Tuner Pro

    Developer : Ullrich Vormbrock

    Download Link: Download through app store

    Description : A must-have for every musician: this chromatic tuner is very fast, accurate and recognizes all strings using the built-in mic! Easy and perfect fine-tuning for electric and acoustic guitar, bass, cello, ukulele, etc.

    This app is developed by a guitarist and electrical engineer, thus it combines high usability and cutting-edge signal processing.

    Simple Guitar Tuner Pro is easy to use and provides an aesthetic and customizable user interface.


    + High precision (approximately 0.1 %).
    + Large frequency range (22 Hz to 1000 Hz).
    + Suitable for all kinds of string instruments.
    + Display of exact frequency (in Hz).
    + Display of frequency deviation (in Hz, marked by up/down arrow).
    + Gauge view of the detected tone (semitone) and octave.
    + Spectral view (FFT – visualization of overtones).
    + Time-domain view (autocorrelation).
    + Tuning by ear – two selectable waveforms.
    + Configurable user interface (8 different themes).
    + Detailed user manual.
    + Free user support.
    + Developed for the iPhone and iPad (iOS 8.0 and above).

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