SHOWMAKER (by Preapp Partners)

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    SHOWMAKER (by Preapp Partners)


    Showmaker is an app that enables you to create top notch live stages with ease. With this app you can create a show in just 4 simple steps! Work with producers around the world to create the ultimate show! Players can create professional-quality 3D musical stage performances and shows quickly and easily with just 4 steps.

    Step 1: Select your stage
    The app will feature stages of different sizes, from a small club venue to a massive arena. Choose the size that fits your style!


    Step 2: Select your music and sound effects
    Your music and sound choices are obviously a crucial element of any performance. Choose the music and sounds that will make your performance pop!


    Step 3: Select your 3D characters and choreography
    Pick your 3D character models, then give them actions and movements. Creating your own original dance moves is a snap!


    Step 4: Select your stage effects
    Combine different visual effects to create your own unique style. Make sure you choose the right effects to go along with your music and choreography!


    Get started with a simple tutorial!
    Begin your Showmaker career by designing a show with Ms. Monochrome!
    For those of you who want to take control of the finer details, you can use the UE4 Mod Editor to get into serious customization mode! For instance, you can create your own stage lighting, equipment, and even add your own character animations. And whatever you create, you can sell to other producers through the online store! The possibilities are endless! It all depends on you, the producer!

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    SHOWMAKER Nepgear Contest!

    Original Post:

    It’s time to get this show on the road! In collaboration with Idea Factory International, we are holding a SHOWMAKER Contest feat. Nepgear on Steam for some awesome Neptunia goodies!
    *Nepgear is playable with Purchase of the SHOWMAKER Nepgear Pack.

    How to participate:
    1. Nep things up on the dance floor! Create your own performance on SHOWMAKER using Nepgear ! You may use the music provided within SHOWMAKER and ANY music from the Neptunia series! YES! That means you can upload your favorite Neptunia song and use it for your performance. Let those creative juices flow!

    2. Upload your video to YouTube with the name “SHOWMAKER Nepgear Contest – Title of Your Performance“ (Feel free to name your performance whatever you’d like!)

    3. Send the YouTube link to
    The contest ends Nov. 15th at 6PM PDT!
    3 Winners will be chosen and receive these awesome prizes!

    1st Place:


    Megadimension Neptunia VIIR Standard Edition for PS4 or Steam (code)
    Purple Heart Body Pillowcase
    Neptune & Nepgear Playing Mat

    2nd Place:


    Megadimension Neptunia VIIR Standard Edition for PS4 or Steam (code)
    Goddess Fiber Cloth
    Pixel Neptune Cellphone Strap

    3rd Place:


    Megadimension Neptunia VIIR Standard Edition for PS4 or Steam (code)

    Winners will be announced on Nov. 19 at 12PM PDT!

    There is also an awesome Neptunia Showmaker Bundle available for those of you who do not own SHOWMAKER or Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1! Save 30% when you purchase the bundle!

    As always, thank you for using SHOWMAKER.
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    SHOWMAKER Nepgear Contest – All together, Nepgear!


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