Show me a game with high polish/game design that failed?

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    I've read many post, not just here but on the internets, about how people are disappointed in their sales. Almost always I can see huge flaws in their game with it either being polish, HCI concepts, or bad game design.

    I wanted to see if anybody reading this knows of a game that they feel hit it out of the park but still failed. My definition of failed is, not making the money back that was put into it.

    I still have the belief that if you do the following, you can at least earn the money back that you put into it :

    1. Create a game that is easy to communicate through pics and icon what it's about

    2. Polish, Polish, Polish

    3. Make good game design choices, Make the user make interesting decisions( risk / reward type decisions )

    4. Create a world that people what to interact with

    5. Create good/obvious user interactions

    Please, somebody prove me wrong by showing me a game that did these things but still failed.
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    From what I can see of the Appstore most if not all games only have 2 out of these 3 aspects!

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