Should Apple Buy Nintendo?

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion and Questions' started by JasonLL, Jan 12, 2019.

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    Here is an interesting article from Barron’s I saw in my Apple news feed. I think it’s mostly wishful thinking since Nintendo is very successful at the moment and the public reaction would be unbelievable but I’m sure most of us at TouchArcade have thought about this.

    Just thought it interesting a professional publication would write a article about this (probably many have over the years but this is the first one I’ve came across) and wanted to share it and get your feedback.
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    It’s a case that has been made before, FWIW. It would blow a lot of gamer’s minds (a good prospect), but I see this succeeding only if Apple takes a hands off approach to their core game-development business and focuses on improving their hardware and services — not sure if that would happen.
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    The article preview (as I'm not a subscriber) mentioned Apple's stock and revenues down, but that seems to be not THAT bad of an omen. They do have a trillion $'s in the bank.

    I've heard more than one suggestion that Nintendo should just get out of hardware business and focus solely on software, like making their entire library for iOS. IMO... that'd be a bad move. To quote what Steve Jobs once said... "people who love software should make their own hardware". AFAIK, this also applied to a brief moment when Apple tried to license out their OS to other vendors, but stopped that due to poor results. It's the EXACT same situation with Nintendo. Both them and Apple are kind of "control freaks", so I don't see them working out that well together. Another issue would be with every update of iOS, devs end up having to either do massive amounts of rework to get things compatible, minor changes, to everything in between. They would NOT want to be at the mercy of some other company/entity about this.

    Given what Nintendo has done with their hardware, they STILL know what they're doing, and should remain independent. Not being bought out by anyone is the only way to be certain of this. Seeing purchasers like EA and Activision can't bode well for companies in the long run.

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