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    In celebration of this Funtaztic Awesome genre of Videogaming what iz on your iOS & other platforms to play/to get list?

    Amongst getting other Devs creations i plan on talking Orangepixel into remastering his Shmup Neoteria. I will be congratulating & supporting Total Battery’s
    I.F.O.(Identified Flying Object) on his port to 3DS and trying again to gain that #1 spot on Nightmare Full. Hopefully Earth Atlantis will release sooner. Also support and wishes for much success to the Lovebirds over at Studio Mudprints Bullet Heaven on their new developing Dreamcast project. This week i want to search for carts or disks at Gamestops Yardsales Goodwills & Thriftstores to hopefully add something wonderful to my collection.
    Have a Funtaztic Shmups Week Folks!

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