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  1. Shin Tao $2

    Trying to play this game again freeware version for Mac OS X you can download. Rules are in English and German. It's $2 in app store. It's a solitaire game no cpu opponent just try to maximize your score or complete the game by using all your tiles.

    This game came out in 1990 and has seen many ports including Windows, Mac, Linux KDE, DOS, BeOS, and FreeBSD.


    The game contains 72 stones.
    There are 6 different colors and 6 different symbols.
    Each Stone exists 2 times.
    Target of the game is, to set the stones on the board to earn points.
    At the beginning, each symbol and each color is placed on the board.

    The stone to set on the board, is right beside the board. It's chosen by random.

    There are following rules to set a stone correctly:

    - each stone must have a neighbour-stone (not diagonally)
    - if there is 1 neighbour-stone, it must have the same color or the same symbol.
    - if there are 2 neighbour-stones, one must have the same color and the other the same symbol.
    - if there are 3 neighbour-stones, one must have the same color and the other two must have the same symbol or one must have the same symbol and die others the same color.
    - if there are 4 neighbour-stones, two must have the same symbol and the other two the same color.

    Points for setting:

    - one neighbour-stone 1
    - two neighbour-stones 2
    - three neighbour-stones 4
    - four neighbour-stones 8

    Special points for four neighbour-stones:

    - first time 25
    - second time 50
    - third time 100
    - next times 200, 400, 800, 1000, 5000, 10,000 und 50,000

    There are no points for stones set at the border of the board (dark zone)!

    Special points at the end of the game:

    - no stone left 1000
    - one stone left 500
    - two stones left 100

    The end of the game

    If there are all 72 stones set on the board or no possible move is left. For both situations a message will appear.
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    Nov 5, 2008
    I like the game. But it really needs:

    - more polished and easier to read tiles
    - statistics
    - undo
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    Symbolism seems to be same thing as Ishido however with a twist. Rows are cleared once a row or column has been filled and like Jewel Quest II you have to mark all the tiles. So in a sense this one might be more of a challenge and sounds a tad more fun.

    oops should have searched my bad

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