Universal Shifumi 6 - Make Rocks, Papers, Scissors chains (easy to learn but fun)

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    Hello the TouchArcade community!

    I'm working on my last mobile game: "Shifumi 6".

    It's a mix between 2048 and Ruzzle but it's not 2048 or Ruzzle. :)


    If you want to try out the iOS beta version send me your email address by PM or by email: http://benoit.freslon.free.fr/index.php/contact/
    Or you can play the Unity beta version: http://www.benoitfreslon.com/games/shifumi

    You have to drag your finger on items to create long chains of Rocks, Papers and Scissors but always in the logic order:
    Rock > Paper > Scissors > Rock > Paper > etc.
    The Rock beats the Scissors, the Scissors beats the Paper and the Paper beats the Rock.
    By creating a chain with 3 items at least you will create a new item with
    Only items with the same value can be linked.

    Try to make a Shifumi 6.


    Thank you all for your feedbacks.

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