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    Shape Escape
    Quick, Fun and Simple Game. Open and play.

    Download from the Play Store

    Shape Escape is a fun little game, where the object is very simple: Escape. All. The. Shapes. for as long as possible. Designed to be very intuitive and easy to grasp, yet challenging if you want so.

    No irritating "popping" Ads, not every game and not at all (So annoying!). You can choose however you want to play this game and to beat your best scores.

    What's Inside?

    Enemies are bouncing off walls trying to get you, while you control your player by dragging it from one spot to another. You can take Powerups to help you achieve a better score, but know there's a chance you'll not get what you wished for! (Don't blame us :p)

    Vivid but not too hard on the eye. Simple and crisp graphics. Our goal was to create something nice to look at, but still very easy to get along with.

    Unlock great skins to customize your player and your game. New skins and surprises are coming out periodically, with different themes and designs.

    When we wanted to create Shape Escape, we had one thing in mind - make a game that people will love, and make it simple to understand so whenever you have a minute or two to spare, chilling in front of the TV or anything, you can open it and play in a second. Share scores easily to friends and enjoy it.

    Game Link (Google Play):
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    Discord and Other platforms to come !​

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