SHAKE IT UP! Dice Poker

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SHAKE IT UP! Dice Poker is a new multiplayer dice game that’s FREE for everyone! SHAKE IT UP! Dice Poker is an incredi…
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SHAKE IT UP! Dice Poker is a new multiplayer dice game that’s FREE for everyone! SHAKE IT UP! Dice Poker is an incredibly fun new social game designed to bring together family and friends. The game is perfect for fans of dice, poker, and board games. No poker knowledge is necessary! Here’s how it works: - Roll the dice up to three (3) times - Instead of numbers, the dice have card faces on them - The player with the best poker rolls wins! (Don’t worry--it’s easy and we teach you along the way) The Ultimate Social Game: - Poker and dice for everyone - Challenge your friends and family - Compete with random opponents from around the world - Create a list of Game Friends and square off for the best record With Full Solo Play, Too: - Sharpen your skill as you learn to defeat three levels of challenges! - Our AI bots play back instantly - Collect achievements and trophies as you work toward new rewards And You Know There’s More: - Finish games to collect points and level-up - Collect achievements to progress faster - Earn hearts which you can use for extra rolls Dive into the Nitty-Gritty: Our nine special poker-dice have 54 total sides and contain every playing card from a standard deck of cards… plus two Wild cards! The card faces are specifically arranged on the dice so that it’s possible to achieve every four-of-a-kind, every Straight Flush, and every Royal Flush. If you love Yahtzee, Farkle, Kismet, Poker Dice, and other dice games, then you’ll love Shake It Up! Dice Poker. And if you play poker, Texas Hold ‘Em, rummy, and other card games, then you’ll have a blast with this new game, which offers a fun and original way to stay connected with your friends and family whether you’re together, apart, and on the go! Download SHAKE IT UP! Dice Poker today, and let’s roll! More Great Games by Rogue:
Seller:Rogue Games
Genre:Board, Card
Release:Nov 23, 2020
Updated:Dec 16, 2020
Size:237.1 MB
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