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Hexa Battle SRPG, Shadow Seven Open! Chess type turn Based hexa battle SRPG, Shadow Seven now Open! Experience the fun o…
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Hexa Battle SRPG, Shadow Seven Open! Chess type turn Based hexa battle SRPG, Shadow Seven now Open! Experience the fun of RPG collecting various 2D characters and real-time strategy PVP together! ■ Grand open Pre-registration Event Pre-registered players will receive exclusive rewards during the pre-registration period including Royal Boxes, costumes, and Gems. Rewards for new accounts created within the period from February 20 to March 20 23:59 (UTC+9) ■ Game Introduction A fierce battle involving seven captains and mercenaries to prevent the resurrection of the Devil King who was sealed by the Seven Kingdoms long ago. Become a hero of victory with the use of various strategies based on the characteristics of the captain and mercenaries! ■ Open community channel Official Facebook page: Official YouTube channel: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ■ Have fun with various strategies -Create a winning strategy with seven unique leader and 36 mercenary combinations. ■ Engaging 2D characters, high story immersion through full voice dubbing - Play the main story and hidden Saga with a variety of characters. ■ Unique combat system - Win the one on one battle with careful choices as if you were playing a board game. ■ Global Real-Time PVP - Experience strategic reversals in real time PVP against users from around the world. ■ Various development factors - Upgrade system lets your character get more powerful as you collect character pieces. - Characters can wear equipment to enhance their power. ■ Required Apps Permission information - When you use the app, we request access to provide the following services: [Optional access] Save photos/media/files: save videos, upload photos and videos Phone: Collecting mobile phone numbers for sending ad texting * You can use the service even if you do not agree to allow selective access. [How to change or withdraw granted access] ▶ Android 6.0 and later: Settings > Apps > Select permission items • Permission list > Access consent or withdrawal selection ▶ Under Android 6.0: Upgrade your operating system to revoke access or delete apps ※ The app may not provide the individual consent function, and the access right can be revoked by the above method.
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