Universal Shadow Codex 2 (Pre-order/Nov. 21): turn-based RPG/word game mash-up

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    Oct 17, 2019
    Shadow Codex 2 is a turn-based RPG and word game mash-up that allows you to battle with words! Instead of a tired and played-out central match-3 mechanic, the game uses letter chaining where you can use your word finding skills to get the highest scores to gain weapon attacks against your opponent.

    Now available for Pre-Order on the App Store with expected release date of November 21, 2019 and is FREE to play. iPhone and iPad compatible.


    • Spell words to earn action points. Use action points to bank weapon attacks. Heavy weapons cost more AP.
    • Spell words +12 or more in score to earn an extra turn.
    • Battle over 40 monsters with unique equipment and challenges.
    • Earn experience to level-up and adjust your stats.
    • Learn over 60 skills! Skills can be used to manipulate the puzzle board, heal, attack, or get a hint.
    • Tons of subtle strategic opportunities to uncover! Example: Use the Wisdom skill to increase Xs, Zs, and Js on the board and then use a skill to bombard the board and collect the higher scoring letter tiles.
    • Now has a Crafting system! Use the Forage mini-game or enemy-drops to collect raw materials from various areas and use them to craft potions, food, or equipment.

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