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SevenSwords Online

Ranked Top 1 in 17 nations worldwide!
Ranked Top 10 in 73 nations worldwide!
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SevenSwords Online

Ranked Top 1 in 17 nations worldwide!
Ranked Top 10 in 73 nations worldwide!
in the RPG category in the App Store.

A massive online game that lets you play against anyone around the world.

SevenSwords is about to change everything you know about mobile games...

Join now for a FULL-3D ACTION MMO RPG experience for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad!
You are about to play against the world in an epic real-time battle up to 120 players!
Choose your country and class, grab your weapon, join your allies, and hurry now to the path to victory!

Features of SevenSwords, the online RPG played from players worldwide.

-Free to play ACTION MMORPG
-Massive Online Field Battles up to 120 players
-Dynamic action with simple touch controls
-Fully customizable Characters
-Communicate freely with the Chat System
-Stylish and Beautiful 3D Graphics
-Breathtakingly giant Monsters
-Variety of functions for Strategic Gameplay
-Unpredictable Player vs Player combat actions
- 4 Unique Classes
- Gladiator (close combat specialist)
- Scout (ranged combat specialist)
- Sorcerer (black magic specialist)
- Cleric (white magic specialist)

Online RPG beginners can take the tutorial available in the game which will help you play the game easily.
Enjoy the world of SevenSwords!

FOR MORE INFORMATION about SevenSwords please check the following

- SevenSwords is an RPG for online play only. iPod touch/iPad users require a WiFi connection.
- Please read the End User License Agreement before you download the game.
- Gameplay and performance will vary by device performance.
- Game servers may be down due to maintenance or limited connection.
- Please read the EULA or your account may be subject to termination.
- Remember to play fair for everyone around the world to enjoy SevenSwords!
Genre:Action, Role Playing
Release:Oct 08, 2010
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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Compatibility:HD Universal