Sequent is an iOS puzzle game. Your goal is to grow a wide spectrum of color by harvesting and replanting solid-color ti…
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Sequent is an iOS puzzle game. Your goal is to grow a wide spectrum of color by harvesting and replanting solid-color tiles. Each color "plant" will grow into empty tiles around it - mixing its red, green, and blue color "genetics" with neighbors.

It's up to you to mix primary colors, cultivate creatively, gain knowledge and increase your chances of genetic mutations.

Designed for both iPhone and iPad, Sequent is an amazing chill-out game which can be played on your schedule. There are NO in-app purchases.

In-game, you may choose to download a full album-worth of hand-picked music by several talented independent artists.

How To Play

Check out our website for a video tutorial!

Every game begins with a lone color tile, the last in the universe.

Touch and hold the color tile to harvest it.

Harvesting a color splits it into its red, green, and blue components. These appear in the color palette - a window at the top right of the screen. You may collect as many color tiles as you want, but you may not exceed 255/255/255 when you plant since that's the maximum value - pure white.

Touch and hold an empty (black) tile to plant the current color you hold.

Planted colors will grow into adjacent tiles. The resulting color depends on surrounding tiles, and you'll occasionally see a genetic mutation.

Each action earns you knowledge. Knowledge improves harvest and planting speeds, mutation chances, tool discovery chances, as well as how many exact copies you'll spawn with each planting.

Tap an empty tile to place or remove a void tile.

Nothing will grow on or through a void tile. Once you achieve pure red, you can make a compartment for safely growing pure red tiles.

Eventually, you'll discover a special tool: the magnifier.

Tap on a tool to collect for later.

Tools will be helpful in specific situations. The magnifier will allow you to inspect the RGB values of a planted tile, making it easier to find colors in the range you're looking for. Each use destroys a magnifier, so be careful and only use them when needed.

Tips and Tricks

1. Shoot for pure primary colors first - they're easier to build new colors with.
2. Use void tiles to keep pure colors safe, so you can always pickup pure red, green, or blue tiles.
3. 255/255/255 is the max color value, and you may only plant this much at once. If you've gathered more, subtraction may help produce a new shade not yet on your game board.
4. RGB values may be within ten digits for secondary and higher colors, so you don't need to get the exact value.
5. Building the right RGB value is easier when you use a magnifier to view RGB values and plan ahead.
6. Colors won't grow if they'll be too dark.

Support & The Future

This is our first iOS game and we have several more coming - but we have some great ideas for future versions of Sequent.

Please visit our website or contact us at
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