Semi-annual Soccer Stealers HD League 2010 / 2011 GAMING CHAMPIONSHIPS

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    Sep 16, 2010
    Sunday Dec 12 2010- Gamegou is pleased to announce the start of our semiannual Soccer Stealers HD League 2010 / 2011 gaming championships!!!

    Just send us iPhone screen shots displaying your highest score in Soccer Stealers HD League 2010 / 2011 to gamegou @

    $10 iTunes gift certificate will be award to the player with the highest score and
    Runners up will receive 5 promo codes for our latest title Song Shaker.

    Please don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (Gamegou) for the announcement of winners

    Game: Soccer Stealers HD League 2010/2011
    Starting: Monday Dec 12 2010
    Ending: Monday Dec 19 2010
    Rules: Highest score wins
    Prizes include: $10 iTunes gift card, promo codes to Watermlon! & Song Shaker



    Game description:
    The excitement while in a soccer match is simply too very much to face over the sidelines, so why not jump on to the area to subscribe for in at the fun? But check out out to another players! They want their ball back and so are all chasing after you. while using unlikely enable from the few of frosting bottles of beer, extraordinary soccer cleats, and oh-so slippery watermelon wedges, you swiftly dodge, weave, trip, and knock over your angry opponents, prolonging your entertaining and upping your score!
    Spotlights on! How prolonged will you survive?

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