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  1. Stupid goddamn iTunes. Screwed up a sync of my iPad then thought my iPad was a new device when I attached it this evening. And while I was able to restore and put all the proper apps back (save for 3 I downloaded after my last sync) now, because it think it's a new device restored from my last backup, it wants to sync every goddamn app I have. To be clear, that's over 1,600 apps totally nearly 38GB. I could tell it just not to sync apps but then if this happens again I'm screwed.

    How the flipping hell do I deselect everything but what's already on my iPad? Or delete entire pages of apps at once? I'm not doing this one-by-one business. That's retarded. There's got to be a proper way to do this. Anyone?
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    I just synced mine for the first time since....the day after I got it and since I have downloaded loads of iPhone/iPod apps. I had to sit there and one by one deselect everything before it synced. I too would like a better soultion to the one-by-one process...
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    Relax bud. Click a check box while holding option to select/deselect all. Or maybe it's ctrl. It's one of those.

    EDIT: Just tried it. The correct answer is command+click.
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    Ah, that works. Not what I was hoping for (I was hoping to be able to keep everything up to page X then just trash everything beyond it) but I can work with it. Thanks.

    EDIT: If I could get the goddamn thing to stop crashing after finally re-checking over 100 apps I'd be just freaking peachy... I hate the Windows version.

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